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Waterbury Youth Service System, Inc.

Waterbury Youth Service System, Inc. (WYSS) is changing lives for the youth in our community. by providing positive youth development programs to "at risk" youth, WYSS impacts over 1000 youth each year. our programs teach, inspire and empower youth to succeed! Tax ID 06-1219372


          Waterbury Youth Service System, Inc.-Guiding youth to discover their unique talents and potential for success – One Life at a Time

           For thirty-six years, WYSS work with children, youth and families’ strengths and natural supports to help them achieve their individual goals and potentials.   Our agency provides direct programming and services for children, youth and families, as well as serving as a conduit to all other services, resources and supports in our city and the surrounding towns.  Throughout our years in operation, we have been responsive to the gaps of services and the development of programming that meet the needs of our community.  A critical component of our long-term success is to work with not only the identified individual but also the support systems that interact with that individual. Our collaboration with the families and support systems allows us to improve and enhance services that reduce barriers.  The strong linkages we have with other providers allows families served through our agency to receive comprehensive support services and to develop a reliance on the natural support systems and networks necessary for long term gains. All programs and services made available by the agency are respectful of the diverse cultural, linguistic, developmental and gender specific needs of the population we serve.

            It is by providing direct service and programming in areas pertaining to Positive Youth Development, Community Outreach, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health Services, Child Welfare, and Parent Education that Waterbury Youth Services provides a “hands-on” approach to help address the issues and challenges that our community’s children, youth and families face every day.