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Water in Africa Through Everyday Responsiveness Tax ID 43-2017162


We are a non-profit partnering with organizations in Africa and the United States to provide clean water to African communities that have none. Our network of almost 400 donors and volunteers continues to grow.

WATER gets most of its money from 2 places.  First are individual donors and second are corporate or larger donor agencies who become exposed to and interested in the issues which WATER pursues.  These issues mainly involve the integration of disease control with water and sanitation.  We work on the ground in Africa and have done projects in Ghana and Nigeria.  We rely on others to help us fundraise. WATER invests in boreholes, mechanized systems, hand dug wells, builds latrines and does maintenance on all of these.  WATER also educates communities on how to organize themselves  to manage their own systems by setting up WATSAN (Water and Sanitation) Committees.  As part of this work in the communities, WATER is frequently involved in helping identify diseases, specifically neglected tropical diseases or NTD's but also on how to identify other health related problems.  Over the years WATER has been part of guinea worm eradication, trachoma surgeries, cataract surgeries and locating and fighting buruli ulcer disease.  Corporate donors include Diageo, Sahara Group of Companies, Ghana Guinness Breweries Limited, Hershey Corp. and others.  WATER has also worked on a variety of Rotary club and Rotary International projects over the years.