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Water Me Africa: A Community Water Project Initiative

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EVENT DATE: Feb 20, 2019


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African Community Water Project (ACWP) initiative is a private nonprofit organization that serves more than 7 African communities with total population of 240, 739 residents in Sub Sahara West Africa. We provide a continuum of services ranging from provision to treatment of water in the communities. Across much of the developing world, “unclean water is an immensely greater threat to human security than violent conflict”.


The African continent faces the greatest challenge of any region of the world with roughly 1 of 3 (330 million) people not using a clean water source. Eighty-four percent of these people live in rural areas. United Nations statistics confirms that the cause of 60% of death in sub- Sahara Africa is associated with contaminated water; CRD has taken the initiative to engage rural African communities by providing sustainable water sources and reducing health risks associated with contaminated water.


We do not just provide borehole unit, we make provision for sustainability, to ensure that each project unit runs effectively for 10 years. Two factors undermines daily lives of 663 million people, energy and clean water; and Clean water changes absolutely everything. When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more time in school. After a successful first year of operating the ACWP initiative program, we are looking to expand the program further.


By developing the program into a full water development program that will benefit, not only the communists that are benefiting from our enterpreneual Small Power generating project but the general community in sub-Sahara region, we can develop an entrepreneurial curriculum that will allow business partners to gain an insight into the operation of ACWP initiative. Specifically, by launching a lunch a partnership scheme, we could offer our partners the opportunity to partake as volunteers, gain valuable work experience, acquire entrepreneurial business skills and achieve a real sense of accomplishment.


However, major challenges face ACWP initiative program for communities in the future. These include the need to funding. Each $17,000.00 builds a complete water borehole system with filtering, water reserving tanks, independent electricity and operational center.



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