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way of living is a right

Organized by: Per Alessio Siria Diletta

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My name is Armando I am 33 years old I am a simple worker in my life I have seen so many of it of ugly things but I would ever have thought that they could happen to of the people among those to me dearer.I have been knowing Alessio for 17 years and further to be my best friend and also one of the greatest men despite that I have ever known thin from his infancy its life has been very difficult, Alessio from small he didn't know what true happiness was.His father was a violent type and in his house he lived the hell...Him however he has always been different, it hates the violence and it is the most generous, humbler and amusing man that I know. And' a friend that there has been always with his wise man you recommend, it is one of those people whether to help him to you would deprive some things.Alessio is father now. Seven years ago its love story starts with Diletta, a 24 year-old girl that has made him know the love and the happiness that true that Alessio didn't even know thing being having lived the hell in the house.When I have known Diletta I have immediately thought pits a sweet, solar and smart girl...she always has a smile for all despite also her has not had an easy past.After so many pains they are found and to see them together would be of example to many.Diletta after 24 hours from her eighteenth birthday she is found without a house and alone.Alessio and Diletta they are two people marvelous whoever he meets her if he remembers her for the whole life...their adversity has been to have only both of his parents that don't know what it means to be parents. The destiny has made them meet. With them life has been hard you/they have always had to fight to survive turning in long and in wide without never surrendering for finding a best life.In 2013 their greater gift has arrived...their Splendid daughter Siria...believe me Siria it is a strength of the nature, it is a serene baby, sociable, intelligent of an endless sweetness.When Diletta she has been pregnant, Alessio has called me to give me the news and it was to the seventh sky...but the pregnancy and the arrival of Siria have not even changed the parents of Alessio and Diletta...They wanted how Diletta she aborted and when they have decided to hold Siria instead they have been alone abandoned by their families.Today Siria is two years old and doesn't see the grandparents of it her uncles... Alessio has made thousand jobs to be able to give a best life to his day of October I have called him to see us for a coffee...he has also worked for 36 hours of line to bring that little you dispatch to was destroyed but when the I have accompanied to house as soon as he has seen his daughter Siria that raced him meeting it seemed that the whole tiredness had disappeared...he has played with her...I have never seen greater Love of that that he breathes in this family...Unfortunately Alessio has always made heavy jobs...him, Diletta and Sria they don't even have never made a vacation.Alessio because of the jobs that he has done it has a problem to the knee it suffers from strong pains that it has been assuaging with the pain-killers for the times, it would have need of an operation but him he is never stopped for the fear to lose the work;so many times turned I have told him that sooner or later that leg will lose it but he always responds me with a smile telling me "patience I will learn to work with an alone leg, even I will make the acrobat."Diletta ago her mother, Siria and she live in symbiosis, she is a perfect mother and with Alessio they are always united...Siria is their only reason for life, for her every day they face all the difficulties but the thing that more it surprises me it is that they don't make to weigh nothing to theirs small, they are always happy and smiling with her, also in the difficulties they make to live everything as a game for Siria...but I know him...I know how much Alessio and Diletta they suffer, how much they have suffered and everything this is not correct.Six months ago Alessio has lost the job and once more for them he has been difficult...since then they hardly go on, Alessio sometimes makes some small jobs and they serves for being able to grow Siria but the life with them he has been hard even more, now in fact they have also lost the house.I for them would make of everything anch the I have a family and I know that it means.When I am able I help them but unfortunately also I don't have otherwise so many possibilities I would not have thought twice even there to give him a best life.Three people so they deserve to live a calm life, happy and I would want that at least for they continually stopped once of duty to fight for surviving.They have done so much for the others, also when they didn't have anything they were them ready for the friends, for the paupers or for whoever it now had need their they have need to live calm. They have slept for road, they have suffered the hunger, the cold but they are ever surrendered.After everything that that they have done today I want to do me something for them!!!If I am writing here there is a reason...Since when we were small Alessio he has always been in love of America...and he has always had a strong respect towards the told me that for him America is the heaven...It knows as things of the American culture...I always tell him that he was born from the wrong part of the world.From boys it always told me" you know one day I will go there in America and with a photographic car I will make the photos of every thing so that to be able to always have with me my angle of heaven, and I will bring us my daughter so that to make her to see one of the seven wonder." everything this is so distant for them...Diletta she loves traveling in all the countries out of Italy instead she loves discovering and to insert him in cultures different she says "different souls with the same heart."A dream unites them and they has always united them... to go away from the Italy to be able to give a best future to their small Siria and to be able to also have them a more beautiful different future.Me for them until I am now doing the possible one whether to see them without a house and it makes me feel to be badly but I now want to try to do the impossible one.I would want to make him a gift together with all of you that you are here to read up to.Someone said that us men we are of the islands and that every man to live needs another man.From a part to the other of the world I infuse we are all human being that sooner or later they will finish their existence, I would want go knowing to have done something of really beautiful, important, human for someone this whole you have my children they will be my immortality.Friends of the whole world I ask you to help to save me this marvelous family so that can have at least a house and even to realize their American dream, so that Alessio can undergo an operation and they can restart to live none of them two it imagines that I am doing this, the alone motto to two year-old small Siria but I believe that for now it will maintain the secret and in effects she has looked me with a strange face.Friends I thank each for you he will want to give something each in his small. A big embrace to all of you "So many small drops of water together can give life to a great ocean".


Organized by

Per Alessio Siria Diletta

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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