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Voices for Children Scholarship Program

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March 20, 2011

World Children's Choir gave a great concert recently to celebrate its 21st anniversary - videos will be posted on my youtube channel soon!  See more
Sondra Harnes



Ten World Children's Choir singers receive full scholarships that are based on financial need. Parents of another 10 singers pay reduced tuition. WCC is seeking sponsors for these children. Once support is obtained, we can offer membership to 20 more children from families that are financially disadvantaged.

Please read an unsolicited letter below from a parent of two of our scholarship students, and consider making a gift in support of the choir's scholarship program.

Click on the DONATE button or the JOIN THE TEAM button and help us with this amazing cause.  If you can't donate, please help us get the word out about our project.

From a parent who discovered WCC through our outreach program:

We only have words of gratitude towards each one of you, and for many reasons, one of them is because from the first day, WCC members made us feel as part of a family.

I always remember the occasion in which, after several days of rehearsals, I met once again Jim Selway and said to him: " Again we are here as a family " and he answered to me: " Yes, and we learn how to work and share together, " and that made me reflect in how blessed we were from the day my wife found the World Children Choir flyer at a library.

From the day my wife picked up a flyer of the World Children Choir at the public library and later the first day of practice when in the parking I saw coming the children dressed in their beautiful clothes, as if they were angels, and for a moment I dreamed on seeing my kids some day like that.

Neither I will be able to forget when I heard the drums resounded, I saw the smile of Mr. Denis Koffi, so warm, that it seemed that it was illuminating the whole lounge ... it was very exciting.

Nevertheless, the unforgettable thing and more beautiful it was when the children began to sing. It was as if was being transported to heaven, and couldn’t stop imagining any other thing that, to see my children being part of that group. 

I also remember the time that upon saying good-bye to Sandy, I stretched my hand to her and she told me: " Not shake, Hugs" that for me it was the official welcome. 

In a conversation that I had with my daughter’s teacher from school, I told him:  "Perhaps I may feel bad for not being able to leave to my kids all the material things that they deserve, but what I will not be able to forgive myself is to not give them the principles, tools and the education that will serve them in the future " I am convinced that there is nothing better than being part of this great WCC family – because this is the way I called them - they are in the correct road for a better future.


Please know that your donation of any size will make it possible for us to offer more scholarships to children and teens from financially disadvantaged families.

• $10 pays for stage make-up for one scholarship student

• $25 pays for UN International Day of Peace workshop supplies for one scholarship student

• $50 pays for five concert tickets for a financially disadvantaged family or senior citizens

• $100 pays for supplies, music, and recordings for one scholarship student

• $200 buys a djembe drum for one scholarship student

• $300 pays for a rehearsal uniform, concert attire, and dress shoes for one scholarship student

• $500 pays for piano tunings for two concerts

$1,100 pays for one tuition scholarship (choir and drumming)

• Sponsor a Season Concert (December, March, June)
$10,000: Underwriter
$5,000: Platinum
$2,500: Gold
$1,000: Silver
$500: Bronze

The Team: $1,100 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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