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CROWDRISE : Aug 20, 2013
Tax ID: 27-5346925
BASED: Thousand Oaks, CA, United States



Empowering The World

Empowering crisis hit and developing communities through an online education portal with instructional videos.

The Ask:

       We are raising money and awareness for an online educational portal with instructional videos and resources to empower crisis hit and developing communities. We are doing this through several mechanisms.


Self-funding: We have already built a successful beta version through self funding and partnerships.
Crowdfunding: We are asking to raise US$50,000 through this Crowdrise campaign
Sponsorship: Engaging with docially responsible companies to sponsor education channels on the portal. For example, Michael Stars Fashion Brand is sponsoring the "Women's Empowerement" channel.
Grants, Legacy Donations and Partnerships: We are engaging interested and aligned organizations, people, and foundations to contribute towards the portal.


The Story:

       In the aftermath of a natural disaster, there are several key stages to recovery. The first is to ensure basic human needs such as food, shelter, protection, health and so on are dealt with. After that it is about infrastructure and dealing with the emotional and physical scars. A third stage, one of rebuilding through engagement and empowerment at a local level is often down played or overlooked. Yet, from our experience in Haiti, this is a key element in ensuring a sustainable and relevant future for the very people most effected.

       This is what We Advance University stands for. We are developing an online education and empowerment portal. It connects the people on the ground with the people and content they need to create their own futures and destinies.

       We are taking the lessons we have learned in Haiti and partnering with local experts on the ground to develop relevant, topical content that we be scaled and delivered further for less cost. We Advance University was born out of a need we saw in Haiti, but it is being built for a global audience.


Who are We Advance?

       We Advance was co-founded by Maria Bello in 2011 in response to the devastating earthquake at the end of 2011. WeAdvance has been empowering the women and children of Port-au-Prince, ever since. Our core drive and mission was to help the people of Port-au-Prince survive the poverty, violence, natural disasters, and disease that regularly occur throughout the country. As the country recovers and the infrastructure grows, the needs are changing and so too is our focus. We have learned a lot along the way and we are putting that knowledge to use. 

       WeAdvance has created the WeAdvance University, an online video library resource delivering crisis and humanitarian related content. This library takes the lessons we have learned through our actual work on the ground, and uses local experts and personalities to present it in a factual, empowering and impactful manner. The videos are accessible via desktop or mobile and have been optimized for the local conditions. Our current video library contains about 60 instructional yet entertaining videos covering topics from health care to financial advisement. Our goal is to raise $200,000 to hopefully produce another 1,000 educational videos in multiple languages. The 60 existing videos in place have received tremendous feedback from its users in Haiti. 

       The end goal of We Advance University however, is to not only help all Haitians, but to allow any and most underdeveloped countries to access free educational videos focused on crisis information. We will take what we’ve done and will continue to do in Haiti, and expand globally. We are now ready to ask the world to help us in our endeavor of empowering women and children. Volunteers are also always welcome and are encouraged to give their time and efforts. Even a donation of just $10 can help change hundreds of lives. 


Who is behind We Advance University?

       The We Advance University was co-created by the two time Golden Globe nominated actress and ambassador to Haiti, Maria Bello. Along side Maria is Clare Munn- A Zimbabwean life long activist and media entrepreneur, Suzanne Lerner- President of the Michael Stars fashion brand and Barbara Guillaume- an activist, artist, politician, and leader throughout Haitian communities.

       Please see for further information about our foundation, to learn about the country of Haiti, and donate to our cause.

Tax ID: 27-5346925 •


We Advance University

We Advance University

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3% Raised of $50,000 Goal