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Will Tucker's Fundraiser:

MarketPlace for MILLIONS of SmartPhone Pictures FOR SALE & Phone APP

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Will Tucker


Marketplace for Millions of SmartPhone Pictures delivers Profits and Recognition for Consumer Camera-phone Users-Web PICS & PhotoScram APP

Empower millions of camera SmartPhone users may to  exhibit their photos For Sale in a "live" Auction Gallery. Plus, make a valuable, easy to use, Phone Picture APP (PhotoSCRAM) available to worldwide camera-phone consumers.

Think of our Project as: Instagram,Pinterest,FaceBook,Twitter (TwitPics) photo imagery offered in a FOR SALE Auction for consumers photos and art. online photo auction and gallery for millions of SmartPhone image-makers and photographers for INCOME and worldwide Exposure.

Plus, help us develop a valuable mobile device photo APP called PhotoSCRAM  (retail $4.95) to easily exhibit and “edit” images to the web from their SmartPhones.

Be part of Something BIGGGG!  Enrich the lives of millions!

Our CrowdFunding Campaign:will deliver benefits to MILLIONS\ of consumers including:

INCOME ad Profits
Recognition & Credit
Worldwide "exposure" 24/7
A valuable Mobile Phone APP (Web PICS ($4.99)

Your support will help us to launch a “live” online AUCTION Platform & Gallery for millions of consumers to share and "exhibit" their SmartPhone Photos and art to a worldwide audience of viewers and buyers.

People love pictures and want to share them- its the new "photo expressionism.

" Just look at the success of Instagram,Pinterest,FaceBook and Twitter (TwitPics)

• Did you know that Instagram has 40 million photos posted a day and 100 million monthly users!

Please help us to enable ALL Smart and IPhone image-makers to offer FOR SALE (get paid for their photos)and market their "social media' pictures in an worldwide Online Auction for income and worldwide "exposure" for their photos.

Plus, your support will enable us to develop an innovative VALUABLE Photography APP to allows MILLIONS of consumers and all SmartPhone users to easily upload, “edit” and exhibit their images into the online auction from their IPhones- offered For Sale ($4.95-9.95)?

We appeal to you to be a valued Supporter of the "social media" movement and “Photo Expressionism "and a unique opportunity to enrich the lives of MILLIONS of worldwide consumers.

Working with us we will provide a valuable,easy to use Mobile Device APP (PhotoScram) enabling MILLIONS of SmartPhone photographer's to easily "upload" edit and describe their imagery into the Web PicsMarket Place auction and gallery

Help us to enable those that take photos from their SmartPhone or IPhones,such as imagery found in Instagram,Pinterest,Twitter,FaceBook pictures, to be SOLD and offered in an ONLINE auction innovation to worldwide photo buyers.

See our video on You Tube:

Please take a look at the quality of today's Mobile device photography: from the Huffington Post:

"The winners of the 2013 iPhone Photography Awards were announced earlier today, capturing an insanely impressive collection of snapshots taken with a smart phone device. No, this is not your average photography contest. Prepare for your mind to be blown."


About the producer: the Art Marketing Agency

This Campaign is produced by,the leading "social media" pictures and online distributor for imagery from Instagram,Pinterests,FaceBook and Twitter (TwitPics),Tumblr, Flickr and others.

A recent Press Announcement provides the details:

The WebPicsMarketPlace is part of the Art Marketing Agency ( who pioneered a new Online Art Auction INNOVATION in 2013.

• The Agency is an established leader in art and photography marketing since 2009.

Lead by President Tuck Tucker,Tucker is an acknowledged curator, photography and art marketing expert. The Agency represents top fine artists and photographers around the world in Online art galleries.

A link for more info about Tucker's background is available at LinkedIn (100's of endorsements, more than 2500 LinkedIn "connections":

" With our expertise,I believe that the Web Pics Market Auction's model and gallery "innovation" will deliver extremely profitable results to its contributors, supporters and investors in a short amount of time"-Tuck Tucker, President The Art Marketing Agency-

*NOTE: Supporters for our Campaign will be given "priority" status for future Business development opportunities for the WebPics Auction and the phone APP.


Business Marketing Applications:

Note: Business Images,LOGOS,Products & service ads may also be included in the auction!

• Business photo images & "social media" imagery can generate worldwide business "exposure" and Public Relation and "branding.

• BUSINESS images (Biz Pins) may be used "at NO charge" except for "credit line" so that the business gets marketing and advertising "exposure" for their products and services •

Future Business Plans include:

Charging fees for purchasing or using the APP to easily "upload" imagery to the Auction:($4.99-$9.95.)
Charge a premium fee to Businesses for Auction Picture listings
Charge a fee for posting of social media imagery in to the Auction
Like EBAY and others,receive percentage of the final auction selling price
BUSINESS can "exhibit" LOGOS & Product for worldwide PR & advertising.

"With our internet marketing expertise, I am confident that our Auction and "social media" photography marketing services will be at the top of all types of searches in the major search engines in a short period of time" Tuck Tucker.


Why our Web Pics Market Place Auction is "different" and needed by MILLIONS of martPhone Consumers

Compared to Christies,Bonhams,Butterfields,and Sotheby's, Web PIcs Market Place is an "innovative" online auction" delivering  a flexible and much improved (and more PROFITABLE experience) for MILLIONS of consumers and camerap-hone users.

More Information about the Art Marketing Agency's New Modern Masters Auction Online auction is available at: at:

Auction Highlights include:

1. The photographer or business sets the price for their photos

2. Bidders may contact the photographer directly for info

3. The Auction does the fulfillment of the delivery of the photography to buyer

4. A unique and current INVENTORY of the latest photos, ideas and trends!
Use of The Funds from our campaign will be used for:

1. Creation of a valuable, easy to use Mobile phone Application (called (PhotoSCRAM) to be developed for MILLIONS of camera-phone users to use

APP will "facilitate" the quick and easy uploads (and editing) of images to the WebPicsMarketPlace account for exhibition in the gallery and auction ·

Like other software & Apps, the Web Pics mobile device PHONE APP will be licensed for monthly lease or purchase by the "social media" and SmartPhone users and consumers. ($4.95-$9.95.)

Our PhotoScram APP will also "expedite" the transfer of IMAGE Information to the web including:

How to order and pay for the pictures
Title of the Photos
Price of the Photo
Size of the Photo Format :Jpegs,Cibachrome or C photo print

# 2: Advertising, Marketing & Branding of the Auction and APP in top "social media" and Photography Print Magazines such as:

 · Bing · Google Adwords · StumbleUpon · Mashable · Yahoo Search Marketing · Tumblr · Twitter Ads · Delicious · Art News · Art and Antiques. · Art In America

 The Art Marketing Agency are experts in "marketing and promotions!

#3: SEO/Optimization and Internet Marketing:

To "optimize" and create ADDITIONAL awareness of the Photo Auction and resource to "social media' photographers and SmartPhone users.

• Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and promotions in Google,Yahoo and Bing

• The Art Marketing Agency has "expertise" to accomplish this!

• #4:Web site re-design and maintenance from our current Online Auction website: and

Our Rewards

Supporters receive a variety of participations including the EXHIBITION of the Supporters own SmartPhone and Business photos FOR SALE in the Auction!

•Plus valuable Info about future business development and opportunities for the Web Pics Market Place Auction,Gallery and APP.


JOIN US. Be part of something BIGGGG, please help us in our efforts to enrich the lives of the millions of SmartPhone photographers and image-makers-you will be very glad that you did!

We look forward to partnering with you.
 The world is waiting!


CONTACT :Tuck Tucker, President ,The Art Marketing Agency (

tel: 239. 250.4920 Sarasota Fla. USA

Questions or Ideas: email:



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