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Create a FaceBook,Instragram Photo MarketPlace & Valuable Phone APP

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tuck tucker via Crowdrise
August 24, 2013

Our Web Pics APP can be sold to millions of consumers who need to easily upload and "edit" their photos to the web &  See more
tuck tucker


An online photo auction and gallery for smartphone photography, offering users exposure and revenue for their images.




The idea is simple: make money with your SmartPhone photography!

   Millions of photos are uploaded to the internet every day through sites and apps like Pinterest and Instagram. Excellent photography can now be fun and easy: and if you’re good at it, why restrict your work to your friends and family? The SmartPhone Photography MarketPlace and Gallery and accompanying app, PhotoScramble, are designed to meet two main goals:

 to generate revenue for camera-phone photographers

 and to give their work worldwide exposure: 24/7.

The marketplace will also place emphasis on viewer/creator interaction,including subscription tools and other ways to communicate.

   So, how does it work?


At its core, the SmartPhone Photography MarketPlace and Gallery is just that: a gallery of images uploaded from different users all over the world. Photographers will be able to put up their work on a live auction, used by consumers of photos and art. Artists looking for stock photography, advertising agencies, and individuals looking for original artwork to own are among the types of people who will most likely be bidding on your photos.

The person who bids the highest (or pays the Buy It Now price) will receive the photograph in print and be given the rights to use it.


Instead of a lemonade stand,a girl who owns a smartphone and enjoys taking snapshots of animals around her town wants to learn about e commerce and sell her photos for extra cash to donate to the SPCA

a Business traveler has accumulated great travel and vacation images that he would like to get published and see his name in print (credit line) to show his kids that he is an  accomplished photographer

a Student with a camera-phone has an idea for an educational project that he would like to receive "feedback" and communication.

In addition to photo auctions, the Gallery and Auction also offers ad revenue to its users--so even if you’re not selling the rights to your image, you’re still earning money.


   PhotoScramble is designed to be easy, intuitive, and directly interfaced to the Picture Gallery. With your help, we can create a thriving worldwide marketplace for amateur photographers, providing a service much-needed in today’s visually competitive world.

   The PhotoScramble app will retail for approximately $4.95 - $9.95 USD. After purchasing and downloading the app, users will have access to editing tools (similar to Instagram) and a direct upload to the online Photo Gallery. When uploading images, users will be able to add titles, descriptions, and their social media information--allowing for the growth of a global community. The users will be able to put up their work for auction, or simply have it up for display and collect ad revenue. confirmed there is nothing like it and it is needed in the app market: a way for users to edit, add special effects to, upload, and monetize their photos. There is a clear need for PhotoScramble in the industry, and with the correct funding, it is certain to take off.

   For a quick example, take a girl who owns a smartphone and enjoys taking snapshots of animals around her town. Once she purchases and downloads the PhotoScramble app, she will be able to use it to edit her photos to perfection. PhotoScramble will then let her upload her images to the Picture Gallery. She will choose whether she would like to retain the rights and simply collect ad revenue, or put up the photo for auction and see who is interested in buying it from her. It’s easy, intuitive, and will earn her money.


 The SmartPhone Photography MarketPlace and Gallery and PhotoScramble APP are brought to you by the Art Marketing Agency (, a pioneer of online art and photo galleries since 2009.


The Agency represents top artists and photographers around the world in online galleries to get their work seen by millions.

   Lead by president Tuck Tucker, himself an acknowledged curator, photography and art marketing expert, the people behind this campaign have enough experience under their belts to ensure its successful development. The only thing left to consider is the funds to get this project going--and that is where you come in.

An Agency working- prototype of our Auction Gallery is:



   If an app and marketplace where you can earn money (and HELP others do the same thing) using SmartPhone photography sounds good to you, we encourage you to consider pledging any amount. Developing an app and marketplace to be easily accessible to the public is no easy task. There are many steps along the road, but with the experience of producer Art Marketing Agency, a step-by-step plan has been laid out for the allocation of funds.

Funds will be used to support these three goals:

 Goal #1: Advertising and Branding

   In order to make this project a global platform, we will need to advertise on search engines and in photography print magazines.

Our targets include the following: Bing, Google Adwords, StumbleUpon, Mashable , Yahoo Search Marketing, Tumblr, Twitter Ads, Delicious,  Modern Photography, and Popular Photography.

Goal #2: Search Engine Optimization

   An essential part of promotion is search engine optimization--making sure that users and potential users will be able to find the Gallery easily. This step includes:


Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Promotions with Google, Yahoo, Bing

   The expertise of the Art Marketing Agency is also essential for this step of the process.

   Goal #3: Website Design and Maintenance

   This includes the actual development and maintenance of the website and app. These things take some time to set up and all software will be made as user-friendly as possible, which requires plenty of beta testing, redesigning, and maintenance.


   Any amount, no matter how small, is appreciated and goes toward the development of this marketplace. However, pledging an amount equal to or greater than $25 nets you unique rewards with the SmartPhone Picture Gallery system as soon as it is up and running. Be among the first to upload your images--at no additional cost to your pledge--to our Picture Gallery and begin to earn money with them. You will also receive a 11 x 14 custom photo print of your choice from the auction.

The greater your pledge, the larger the amount (and sizes) of images you will be able to upload for free, as outlined to the right.

Depending on the amount pledged, you will also be able to choose photo print(s) of greater size and quality.


   For businesses, we offer the opportunity to exhibit business images and advertisements (such as logos, product imagery, or promotional materials) on our soon-to-be global platform. Pledging an amount equal to or over $250 will net you this benefit, allowing your business worldwide PR and advertising benefits-24/7.

   Large pledges are considered priority investments and will ensure your inclusion in the development of this marketplace innovation, as well as the aforementioned incentives.


You will also receive investment details and business development opportunities regarding our POD (Print On Demand) service.

POD is what we use to print (and deliver by mail) images for the photographers to viewers for a 40 % commission--essentially, you will have a chance to earn royalties along with us.

Even if you cannot pledge an amount at this time, we encourage you to spread the word--share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and anywhere else you feel inclined. The SmartPhone Photography MarketPlace and Gallery is an innovative, much-needed feature of smartphone photography platform and an excellent source of income and exposure for camera-phone photographers and our Supporters.

Be part of the BIG Picture- to benefit millions.



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