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CROWDRISE : Mar 21, 2013
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BASED: North Salem, NY, United States


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Now in its second season, the groundbreaking hit MTV show World of Jenks is again featuring one of its most memorable characters from Season 1: Chad.  Since Chad was very young, he has attended an unbelievable school -- Westchester Exceptional Children's School, better known simply as WEC in its community. It made him who he is today. 


Sadly, WEC is now enduring extreme financial hardships.  WEC started in 1969 as a 2 room school house with a couple of students, a couple of staff members, a big heart, and a giant vision.  Community support made possible the opening of the Westchester Exceptional Children’s School in 1969. The ongoing generosity of friends has made it possible to continue to improve their service to children and their families ever since.


Please take a moment to donate now -- any amount helps, big or small -- or feel free to email the school's Director, Linda Zinn, at for other ways to help or if you have any questions.


Some stories about Chad and WEC:


  • Chad grew up with Autism but it hasn't stopped him from taking the world by storm and making an impact on everyone he meets.  He's an outgoing, charismatic, and amazing individual.  His confidence and outlook on life, especially in the face of all of the adversity he has had to endure due to his disability, is remarkable.  But, he hasn't always been this way, and thanks to the help of the talented and caring staff at WEC, he's now flourishing.

  • When Chad first came to WEC he was nervous, lacked self-confidence, and wasn't able to concentrate on his school work or activities.  Because of the individualized attention that he was able to get at WEC, he began to excel in the classroom and his academic challenges were fewer and fewer as he progressed throughout the years.  With the help of the programs available and the uniqueness of the school that is individualized to meet the needs of each and every student that attends, his self confidence rose.  In addition to the academics, it was the social challenges WEC provided him with that allowed him to gain the confidence he has today.

  • Chad also learned important life skills through WECs STAIRS community program.  STAIRS stands for Students Transitional Adjustment Independently Reaching Success.  Through this program, Chad made home-made baked goods at a bakery, worked in the cafeteria serving food, and then worked at a deli and finally for a major international pharmacy chain.  This allowed him to explore a variety of career opportunities and experiences to determine what he was interested in and to give him the confidence that he could succeed and be self sufficient in the real world.

  • The incredible thing is that Chad's experience with WEC is not unique.  In it's 44 years of operation, WEC has helped thousands of other students just like Chad gain the confidence they need to make it in the everyday world outside of WECs walls. WEC has graduated students who have gone on to become paratroopers in the US Army, students who started their career exploration at WEC leaning cash register skills and then went on to find competitive employment at major fast food restaurants, others who went to work at worldwide department and retail stores, and countless other success stories.


Check out this post on MTV Act about WEC and view Andrew Jenks' Let's Help Chad's School blog entry.


For more info on how to help or get involved with the school, email the school's Director, Linda Zinn, at

Tax ID: 23-7065540 •


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Help WEC raise $10,000!

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