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Arthur Mikitov's Fundraiser:

Arthur & Sintija's Charity Wedding Registry

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Arthur's Photo
Arthur's Photo

EVENT DATE: Dec 25, 2012


Hi evrybody.

Iam Arthur. Well the reason for creating this fundraising is prety simple. I love my girlfriend and want to merrie her. But i want something special, something to remeber and make my only love happy. So i want make a weddings just the way she told me she dreamed about.

We are togahter for 5 years now. And we already know that we want to be just with each other no one else. We have talked about marage and family.

Thats why i decided that i would be glad to marrie her... But i want it special but i need help from all of you to make her dream come true... 

She always wanted a white dress a beatiful weddings at churche... Something romantic something special. And i have planed a weddings with dancing. To make it funny and interesting. Because my loved one loves dancing and loves funny things and jokes. I Know here and know she would love it...

So i hope for your help.. I would be gratefull :)



Our Causes

Arthur is working on selecting a charity so you can support Arthur & Sintija's Charity Wedding Registry.

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