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CROWDRISE : Sep 07, 2012
Tax ID: 04-6002778
BASED: Boston, MA, United States


Our Mission

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Wediko Children’s Services is a non-profit organization committed to transforming children’s lives.  Since 1934, Wediko has been providing therapeutic and educational services to children, families, and schools struggling with complex emotional, behavioral, and learning issues.

Wediko strives to capture success and restore a sense of competence and hope.

Wediko programs include:

School-Based Services (Boston Metro Area, NH, NY): Offers clinical and program consultation to teachers and school administrators, direct clinical services to students and families, and trainings and workshops for parents and teachers. Through School-Based Services, Wediko reaches over 1300 children and families each year. Additional services include Living with Loss grief support groups, Side by Side Social Skills groups, MassSTART, and Trauma-Informed Therapy.

Home-Based Solutions: Offers children and families a unique combination of customized supports to enhance children’s academic confidence, social and emotional well-being, & family problem solving.  This process is facilitated through the following supports: youth mentoring, family therapy, parent coaching, and wraparound coordination.

The Wediko Summer Program — A 45-day therapeutic residential program that provides academic instruction, experiential education, and group and family therapy, to 150 boys and girls age 7 to 19.

The Wediko School — A year-round therapeutic residential school for boys ages 9 to 21 struggling with complex psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral issues.  The school provides a specialized educational program, a focus on family therapy, and collaboration with family, school, and community.  Other services include a Therapeutic Day Program, a 90-Day Assessment Program, and a Transitional Living Program.

Tax ID: 04-6002778 •


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