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We Have Solved Global Warming

Organized by: Bruce Corbett

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 I speak for the Company. We have solved Global Warming. The International Global Warming Cessation and Control Plant will return the current existing estimated levels of Air Pollution for All  Existing Chemical Air Pollutant Emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere - back to Ideal Conditions of Pre-Industrial Revolution Quality - for ALL Existing Chemical  Air Pollutant Emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere - within 15 years - maintain Ideal Conditions for the Earth's Atmosphere - forever - and repair the OZONE LAYER. The Existing Destructive Capacity of Air Pollution is much, much more than Current Air Pollution Experts are projecting. I assume they have based their conclusions on Carbon Dioxide  Air Pollutant Emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere concluding that Air Pollution will continue to accumulate - year after year - consistently - which is far from the Existing Truth for the Existing Destructive Capacity of Air Pollution.  I base my conclusions on Nitrous Oxide Air Pollutant Emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere . Nitrous Oxide remains as a molecule in the Earth's Atmosphere for over 100 years.  The Destructive Capacity of Nitrous Oxide Air Pollutant Emission in the Earth's Atmosphere is 300 times more powerful as an Air Pollutant than Carbon Dioxide Air Pollutant Emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere. It depletes the OZONE LAYER. Nitrous Oxides will continue to pollute the Earth's Atmosphere at its annual capacity accumulating - year after year -  at the Annual Capacity of Nitrous Oxide Air Pollutant Emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere for over the next 100 years - accelerating the Destructive Capacity  of Air Pollution  - year after year -each and every  year  - for over the next 100 years. Without our Intervention - the Population of the Earth will not survive beyond the next 100 years and civilzation and rational thought will go the way of the Dodo Bird.  Currently - over 3,000,000 million annual pre-mature deaths each year are attributed to External Air Pollution. 660,000 annual premature deaths per year are directly attributed Nitrous Oxide Air Pollution Emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere from the use of Synthetic Fertilizers by Global Agribusiness to fertilize their crops. The Good News is - we solved the problem. I speak for the Company. This project is going to be a piece of cake for us. For every contribution over $50, we will provide you with a Citizen's License Agreement which entitle you to the Benefits and Capacity of The International Global Warming Cessation and Control Plant and you will be added to our Automated Billing which you have the option to refuse by simply not paying the account. You will be able to pay annually by Major Credit Cards.  Annual subscriptions are $50. The Benefits of our License Agreement includes continuous up dates of our project to make informed decisions on your Business Plans , Profit Projections, or Investments - especially if you have an interest or will have an interest in - The Coal Industry or any of its Clients - The Petroleum Industry or any of its clients - The Car Industry - The Airlines Industry - The Natural Gas Industry or any of its clients - The Synthetic Fertilizer Industry or any of its clients - Global Agribusiness and Global Cattle Industry - all Industries Globally related. In particular - The Coal Mining Industry is practically entirely Bankrupt or heading towards Bankruptcy and their shares are at pennies on the share which are Ideal Conditions for Vertical Integration to improve their Competitive Edge. We have solved their problem and we will revitalize the Coal Industry with added Interest in their shares. We strongly recommend the Coal Industry as an Investment. With our Intervention they are extremely under valued. We are not a Company that WANTS to go into Business. We are a Company that MUST go into Business - for the survival of MANKIND.

     Does it get any better?  I speak for the Company. We have also solved Government Debt and Taxation - Globally.  In historical terms - Government Debt and Taxation and Global Warming will be solved simultaneously.  In 13 years -  we will eliminate Government Debt - Globally - Federal - State/Provincial - and Locally - for all of the Nations in the World and when Government Debt is eliminated - Government won't have to resort to Taxation because they will have a superior, alternative Source of Revenue.

     I am the World's Leading Economist and The World's Ultimate Financial Advisor and although the Nobel Prize Committee may never realize that my Financial Logistics are based on a 6 to 8 page paper that applies The Laws of Physics to Economics with History changing solutions - The Pure and Applied Economic Theory of B.W.Corbett - my clients will and that is all that is necessary and sufficient to eliminate Government Debt and Taxaton - Globally.

     For the G-20 - it will mean a Substantial Increase in the Standard of Living while decreasing the Cost of Living by the elimination of Taxation - for 2/3 of the World's population and its economic multiplier effect - Globally.

   For under developed nations - it will mean a Quantum Leap into a Twenty First Century Economy.  In paricular - the Entire continent of Africa - Their problem is that they have insufficient financial resourses. Each Nation in Africa has a National Debt of only a few Billion Dollars and they have very a small Taxation base.  We can solve that problem easily - providing each Nation in Africa with a Substantial alternative , superior Source of Income with our Financial Logistics.  Then we can provide the entire continent of Africa with a Direct Wholesale Western Diet - Paid for by their National Governments.  And their National Governments will have the Capacity to Develop Infrstructure.

In 10 years - Africa will be a superior Economy to live and work in and Business Expansion into Africa can supply a Vast Under Devoleped Source of Manpower with very modest Wages.

     The current Government Administration was leading us back to the Dark Ages - and - without our Intervention - they would have been successful in that regard.


Organized by

Bruce Corbett

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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