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CROWDRISE : Jan 05, 2014
Tax ID: 04-3204838
BASED: Ashley Falls, MA, United States

Saving culture and seeds

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This was the Eastern Native Seed Conservancy.  I'm back after a long hiatus and I'm trying to keep the focus simple. Right now one project in the pipleline.  Why Wellness Integral? Its a long story....

Creating a seed bank for Sacred tobacco with the primary aim of redistributing sacred tobacco seed and leaf to Native Americans who want and need it.

It may seem odd for a white guy to be doing this.  Unfortunately the need has not shifted much. Sure lots of people are growing Hopi blue corn and the Iroquois (Tuscarora) white corn. It's not enough.

The mission right now is sacred tobacco. There's no website. No fancy facilities. Just a grass roots project. Let's water it that it may grow.

Tax ID: 04-3204838


Sacred Tobacco Conservation, Renewal, & Redistribution Project for Native Americans

Sacred Tobacco Conservation,…

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2% Raised of $6,610 Goal