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Wendy McDowell's Fundraiser:

Wendy's Migraine Research Fundraiser

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Wendy McDowell


Migraines impact so many people around the world, yet there is still not much known about them! Migraine Research is crucial to helping develop better treatment options - or a cure! Help me raise money for Migraine Research to change some lives! I had my first severe migraine at age 18. Not knowing what was happening, friends took me to the emergency room where I received an MRI, treatment, and diagnosis of migraines. From age 18 to 32 I had Episodic Migraines, experiencing just a few migraines per year. In 2012 I started experiencing migraines more and more frequently, and by mid 2013 I was having migraine attacks 10 to 20 times a month - each attack lasting two days or more, which meant that I was almost constantly in a state of migraine.  Fortunately, I found a preventative medication that helps. I still get 2 to 5 migraines per month but my preventative medication is a life changer. Even with that, I need to increase my dosage once every year or so as my body adjusts to the daily medication. Eventually I won't be able to safely increase the dosage anymore. Like most migraine medications, this medicine was not created for migraines. It was created for something else and migraine prevention became a common but off-label prescription. To my knowledge, of the hundreds of medications used to treat migraines, only one or two were specifically created as migraine medication! We need more research to help develop better and more effective treatments.  Sadly, two of my children have also started having episodic migraines. My oldest child started getting migraines around age 15. My youngest child had his first migraine at age 8! Migraines have stolen so much time from my family, but to watch my children suffer is the worst.  I hope that Migraine Research becomes a priority in Neurological studies, and that more and more breakthroughs occur that will help my family and people like us. 



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