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Greg Drury's Fundraiser:

Wesley Heights Snow and Crime Removal Cooperative

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Mixed reviews for Tuesday's snow...
March 16, 2017

Hi folks, I pocketed $20 on Tuesday after working on 5 homes. I was fortunate in that learning experience - I had two walkways I had to shovel  See more


Greg Drury


WFH - Wholeness March 2017 4545 42nd Street NW #300 Washington, DC 20016 (202) 674 - 8102

Overview: Created this concept knowing - one - how bored I get sitting in the house for three days during a big snow - two - what would it look like to have sidewalks clean contiguously all the way up and down the block.

Now that I have collected some equipment this is now what the options are….. Walkway, Sidewalk, Driveway, and Street parking spot- get dug out - create 3 or 4 open spots on street. As far as crime - all basic instincts are to keep our community safe - so this is an easy fix - if people can collaborate and be proactive.... with a little wrangling and coordination.


Snow Removal: Get Wesley Heights Community involvement to create self sustaining local neighborhood snow removal. Crime Removal: Get Wesley Heights Community involvement to create crime prevention initiatives to avert danger before it occurs and therefore remove potential crime before it happens (pics of potential vehicles on next page).

Specifications: Build core “Snow and Crime Removal Cooperative” collaborators from residents of the Wesley Heights neighborhood that act as an example for others. More of the responsibility will fall on us initially to get the program jump-started and then others will join in.

Milestones: as you donate through this site - all but category for donation will be recorded.... (Send a note to specify what fund your donation applies to...)

1. Snow Removal Fund - Donation __________________ For direct home snow removal - encourage further donations to assist in offsetting snow equipment expense.

2. Crime Removal Fund - Donation __________________ Build a fund so we can acquire small neighborhood vehicle that can be shared and occasionally drive through, and visibly parked in, the neighborhood to avert dangers.

3. Equipment Storage Fund - Donation __________________ Cost of storing equipment during non-use season, and storing regularly used maintenance equipment such as generator, lights, air compressor, gas cans, etc.



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