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We envision: a world where there is an excess of oral rehydration solution on the world market because there is decreased need. We endeavour: to create a future where low-cost low-tech innovations help people help themselves. We aren't selling a product: because health is a reward beyond measure and it shouldn't come at a price.



The Problem

The lack of clean water costs the lives of 1.9 million people per year, manifesting primarily as diarrheal disease and cholera.

Conventional water sanitation instruments are made of polluting plastic, contain filters unavailable at local markets, or require a specific technological skill set to maintain.

People with HIV are at greater risk as their compromised immune systems leave them open to more numerous and severe bouts of disease. The efficacy of HIV treatment rises when patients drink clean water.

Our Solutions

Straining water: Studies have shown that straining water through specially folded cloth can reduce the incidence of cholera. Along with a toolkit of other low-tech, low-cost techniques that we provide, we expect to measure a decrease in the incidence of cholera in our test communities of over 40%.

Medical records: As we present our educational program, we will also collect baseline health data that will serve as the basis for a medical record database. This will allow us to gather the data we need to measure success, and in the process train local students for a technological future.

Clean water for People Living with HIV in Sierra Leone can be a reality; you can be a partner.

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