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So does my school! West Irondequoit Schools: won't settle for less.


It matters that I take AP courses so I can be challenged beyond my comfort zone.


It matters that I play modify sports to learn teamwork, build confidence and meet lifelong friends.


It matters that I take part in chorus, band and orchestra to nurture a love and passion for music.


It matters that I have teachers who care about me, challenge me and believe in me.


It matters that our nature center is there to teach me to respect wildlife and protect our planet.


What matters most is that all these things are there to make me a well-educated, well rounded person, ready for the future.


Yet, New York State is taking all these important parts of my education away because they aren’t willing to fund our schools fairly and properly by not returning the GAP Elimination adjustment funding they promised to return. This year alone would have meant two million extra from the state. As a result, West Irondequoit Central School District is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in shortfall next year that will take away some or all of the programs West Irondequoit students need to succeed.


Kids matter. Our schools matter. And if you believe the same, I urge you to help by making a donation today. Just $10—or whatever you can give—will help us offset or delay some of these cuts so West Irondequoit students can continue to be challenged, inspired and prepared for the future. It won’t completely solve the problem, but any donation is a good first step toward reversing this trend.