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Westlake Enterprises Inc

Westlake Enterprises Inc
CROWDRISE : Aug 30, 2017
Tax ID: 39-1147244
BASED: Ladysmith, WI, United States


Westlake Enterprises Inc

Community Inclusion

Westlake Enterprises provides clients independence and pride in themselves and create a true spirit of inclusion for every citizen.

Westlake is a non-profit organization that creates jobs and promotes vocational training to individuals with developmental disabilities. Services offered are based on the needs of each individual by using resources in the comunity to enable the clients to reach their greatest level of independence and a feeling of self-esteem.

Westlake’s prevocational workers are able to perform a variety of production techniques to meet various business needs. Westlake's capabilities are flexible. We primarily utilize “Just-In-Time” manufacturing techniques. Workers and a supervisor are also available for offsite work assignments such as assembly, packaging, inspection, etc. These activities provide our workers with job training and experience. They are also earning a paycheck by producing products for local companies, some with national affiliations. Groups of our employees can be seen working in many locations around Ladysmith and the county.  Area businesses use our excellent workers to keep their facilities spic-n-span. Area recreational spots and our Industrial Park are kept well trimmed by our lawn mowing crew. Also, employees provide office help like filing and envelope stuffing at various businesses.

Westlake’s Community Employment gives opportunities for workers to become employees of local businesses. This provides many benefits for both the worker and the business. Each individual is assisted with job searches, resume writing, interviewing, and soft skill training. They receive job coaching when the jobs begins and until they are totally independent at work.

Tax ID: 39-1147244 •


Westlake Enterprises

Westlake Enterprises

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