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Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc.'s Fundraiser:

WBN & Compleat Wetlander

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Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc.'s Photo
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April 20, 2011

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Wetland Breaking News is ASWM’s monthly e-newsletter. Wetland Breaking News is an edited compilation of wetland-related stories and announcements submitted by readers and gleaned from listservs, press releases and news sources from throughout the United States. The e-newsletter features legislative, national and state news relevant to wetland science and policy, wetland regulations and legal analysis of Supreme court cases; it also links to new publications and resources available to wetland professionals as well as events and training opportunities for those working in water resources and related fields. In 2010 it was distributed to over 4,000 readers. Wetland Breaking News has been published for over ten years and ASWM has been a think-tank and source for wetland science and policy news and discussion for over 20 years.

WBN is the only wetland-specific news publication of its kind out there! Although ASWM gets many nice thank-you notes, emails from readers expressing their gratitude and appreciation for WBN's existence, it is FREE to receive it. WBN is an unsung hero of news publications because it brings the stories of successful wetland restoration projects and controversial court cases, news of wonderful ways kids have stepped into wetlands as classrooms and green law enforcement, like New York's Conservation Police, to the doorstep like any newspaper but in a digital, eco-friendly format. But WBN needs funding and support to continue.

In addition to Wetland Breaking News, ASWM launched its blog, "The Compleat Wetlander," in spring 2009. This contemplative blog is the only blog on the web for wetland professionals. It addresses wetland science and policy topics--like the Gulf oil spill, sea level rise, invasive species--and features quirky stories on a weekly basis. "Strange Wetlands" covers everything from sharks in wetlands (oh, yes!) to Santa Claus's real permafrosty home in the Finnish Lapland. The latest News from Southern Maine series on Santa's antics renting a barn in Maine as his temporary workshop have titilated readers waiting in suspense for the secret mythology of baffledoodles, which live in wetlands. The Compleat Wetlander is fun and lighter fare than the in-depth technical website ( and offers a forum for building dialogue with wetland-lovers and professional scientists alike. It's also a place for sharing wetland-inspired poetry and art. Please support "Wetland Breaking News" and The Compleat Wetlander. Santa and his wetland-dwelling elves will thank you.



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