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Raising funds for those who absolutely cannot afford spay/neuter is always our goal, so please donate to Wally's Friends. Wally was a homeless Pointer/Lab mix who wandered up to my life limping on a horribly infected cruciate tear. She sported an old old rag and a dangling chain around her neck, and was a mere skeleton. The light of hope in her eyes and a half wag of her tail in spite of her suffering, told me to dedicate the rest of my life to the innocent animals to the best of my ability. Hence, Wally's Friends

Wally's Friends exists solely to stop as much euthanasia in local shelters and needless suffering of dogs and cats in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tn., and outlying rural counties where animals do not have ANY "sheltering" services! Well meaning citizens take in elderly, abused, neglected and starving animals in these areas as both cats and dogs are allowed to randomly reproduce, without any hope for the future. Wally's Friends provides that HOPE, and CHANGE for those alive now, and those that otherwise would have been born into a world without a home. Saving thousands of lives through prevention has and will continue to bring a higher quality of life to a 90 mile radius of Chattanooga, Tennessee! 

Wally's Friends spays and neuters 50-60 animals per day in Hamilton County, Tn., and in the Chattanooga area. The clinic has altered more than 88,000 animals, and transports animals from nine nearby rural counties to our clinic for spay and neuter. These rural areas have few to no shelter services. Therefore spay and neuter is the very best resource these outlying areas have to halt the needless suffering of too many animals born randomly every year!

Often animals are brought to Wally's Friends for spay and neuter and our staff acquires owner release due to the unbearable neglect or abuse these innocent friends of Wally have encountered. In these situations the owners are grateful, as they have taken them in without the means to provide proper vet care, much less to heal their mange, broken limbs, etc.! We return the cat or dog back to health, fully vet the animal and find the perfectly matched home for each one. Can you imagine all the lives saved through prevention by completing almost 89,000 surgeries?!

Our "pup" program includes education on the "why" of spay/neuter. Dozens of well meaning people call our clinic, asking for puppy shots for their new pet, as they cannot afford to visit a full service for profit veterinarian.  We offer a full puppy and kitten vaccine regiment, as long as the owner pre pays for the spay or neuter, and explain why their pet should be spayed/neutered. By the time these little tykes leave Wally's Friends they have been completely vetted, and we have created new friends, new advocates for choosing the right move for their pet and for others! We believe that affordable and easily accessible spay and neuter is changing the scope of the sheltering world in the United States. We must protect those already born and prevent so many more from entering this fast paced, disposable world without enough homes. 

Our TNR program is very successful and has saved many colonies in our area.

Our yearly fundraiser for Pit Bulls is a must in our society!

Thank you!


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