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Greg Drury's Fundraiser:

Health Environment and Social Consciousness EcoTours

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EVENT DATE: Jan 21, 2013

Greg Drury


Support and Supplement Ride with power bars, food, snacks and SAG (Support and Gear).  This bike tour will educate participants about or involve them with MLK Day and the Inauguration.  -   This event honors one of the greatest men in history, Martin Luther King Jr, and ushering in the Second Inaugural of the first black president - what could be a higher accomplishment from MLK's work?

GO TO for TRAFFIC NOTICES due to Inauguration on Mall.
REGISTER to ride with us at Washington DC Bicycling Meetup Group LINK:

EcoTour Registration and Departure Point
1 block from Nationals Ball Park, EcoTour participants will register, depart, and reconvene behind the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) Headquarters Building, located at the Navy Yard Metro Stop (Green Line) on New Jersey Avenue.

EcoTour Route Map available

Approximately 12 – 15 Miles

The Anacostia EcoTour

January 21, 2013

One bike ride closer to a unified D.C.

On Monday, January 21, 2013, Wholeness for Humanity (WFH) and the Earth Conservation Corps will host the MLK and 44th Presidential Inauguration Anacostia EcoTour. Building upon the success of the the Cherry Blossom Anacostia EcoTour, the Anacostia EcoTour will:

• Connect community leaders with citizens;
• Promote environmental and community stewardship;
• and Raise awareness about the health of the Anacostia Watershed.

Join us for a leisurely 12 – 15 mile bike ride through the Anacostia Watershed. The Anacostia EcoTour will give participants a first-hand look at the environmental achievements and contributions of concerned citizens in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

*Symbols on the map correspond with detailed descriptions of EcoTour stops.

For more information about the Anacostia EcoTour or to partner with EPA and WFH for upcoming Anacostia EcoTour, contact: 202-674-8102

The EcoTour can only accommodate 30 cyclists, so register soon! To register or learn more about this free event, visit


• U.S. DOT Headquarters Building/Triangle Park
This federal organization is taking major strides toward becoming an environmental steward. The Headquarters Building features a green roof, which helps protect the Anacostia Watershed by reducing storm water runoff.

• Virginia Avenue Community Garden
The Virginia Avenue Community Garden is a small area of open space that is greatly valued by community members. Local residents work together regularly to help keep the Garden clean and healthy.

• Eastern Market
As Washington D.C.’s last and biggest open-air fresh food market, Eastern Market allows local farmers and growers to sell their fresh produce to the public. Eastern Market provides local citizens with the chance to purchase freshly grown produce and support local growers, as well.

• Judy’s Solar Home
This privately-owned home that has been retrofitted with solar power technology to curb its reliance on coal fired power. Energy conservation is just one way to have a positive impact on the Anacostia Watershed.

• Ward 6 RiverSmart Home
This private residence curbs stormwater runoff into the Anacostia River with low-cost and low-maintenance landscaping techniques, such as planting native vegetation, and using rain barrels, rain gardens, and permeable/porous surfaces.

• Kingman Island
An Anacostia Waterfront Initiative site, restoration efforts on Kingman Island include a new pedestrian bridge and an environmental education center. The Island is a haven for native birds, animals, and plants.

• Benning Road Bridge
This recently re-constructed bridge is the last chance for individuals traveling north from Anacostia to enter D.C. and serves as an access point to Kingman Island. With wide bike lanes and barriers to keep cars at a distance, Benning Road Bridge is ideal for bicyclists. D.C.’s only hydrogen fueling station is located nearby.

• Marvin Gaye and Lady Bird Johnson Park
Named after two of D.C.’s most prominent former residents, this is the Capital’s oldest city park. Formally known as Watts Branch Park, it is currently undergoing the largest park revitalization in the city, making it a safer and cleaner place to enjoy. EcoTour participants will be able to take place in a dedication ceremony by Washington Parks & People for a new bike trail that runs through the park.

• The Urban Tree House at Anacostia Park
This unique education center that was created by the Student Conservation Association (SCA) is located in the heart of Anacostia Park. The interactive education center teaches children who live in urban areas about the Nation’s environment and natural resources.

• Poplar Point
Poplar Point is currently being revitalized from office and industrial use to a mixed-use, sustainable open area that will feature parks, a museum, residential homes, commercial business, and an amphitheater.

• The Syphax School
Learn about the rich history and social justice work of the Syphax School. Once a distinguished learning institution for African Americans, the site is now affordable condominiums that help integrate the community.

• Nationals Park
The newly-constructed home of the Nationals Major League Baseball team is equipped with modern environmental innovations, such as an underground water filtration system, energy-efficient stadium lights, and a 6,300 square-foot green roof. Nationals Park is working toward becoming the firstLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified Major League ballpark in the United States.

• Earth Conservation Corp
Dedicated to protecting the Anacostia River, the Earth Conservation Corp equips young people with the knowledge and skills to become leaders and environmental stewards. The group has dedicated over 50,000 man hours to cleaning up and restoring the river.


Monday, January 21, 2013

9:00 am – 9:30am: Anacostia EcoTour, network check in - introductions

9:30 am - 1 PM: Casual 15 mile ride with a few staging stops for people to regroup, snack and meet hosts.

1:00 pm - Obama Inauguration on National Mall

Anacostia EcoTour

2:30 pm Lunch and Networking

Greg Drury
Wholeness for Humanity


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Greg Drury

Greg Drury


For one of the greatest men in our history Martin Luther King Jr and ushering the Second Inaugural of the first black president - what could be a greater result of MLK's work? ...and adding, healthy physical venue (cycling), social justice (taking the "well healed" to what's considered a blighted part of our community), adding stewardship of the earth (environmental Justice), visiting service event sites and bishops involvement seems just like more fun....... 6 years ago