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CROWDRISE : Jan 30, 2011
Tax ID: 91-2144632
BASED: Paia, HI, United States



Our Mission

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We conduct research programs on living whales at sea, and develop education and popular programs based on these studies.

The thing about saving whales is that the odds of success are only as good as our understanding of the needs of the animals.  If we do not know where whales mate, or what habitat is critical to their young, or what social connections or communication are necessary for survival and reproduction, then we don’t really know how to successfully protect them.  Answering these questions is what we do.

As an example, whales live in complex societies, on ocean-wide scales, with fantastic use of sounds. These social systems and modes communication - such as singing long, ever-changing songs - are virtually unknown to us humans. Yet maintenance of their social networks is a key to the health and survival of whales. Our work is to describe and understand this behavior, and present it scientifically and to the general public.


Tax ID: 91-2144632 •


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