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What's Your Vision?



What’s Your Vision?

What do you long for in this world, in your community? What, when you think of it, fills you so you are fit to burst, you feel so strongly about this...your vision?

Who are you in your community? Who do you want to be?

What’s your vision?

At Sierra Nonprofit, we are committed to the idea that there is a place where people can come to be educated, empowered, and connected with the resources and tools to fulfill their mission, vision and goals.

That place is 591 S. Washington Street. Come over some time. There is room at the table, the chairs are pretty comfortable and the coffee is decent.

Come tell us your vision. Maybe even do something about it.

Want to know our vision? We envision our community co-created around creativity, communication, and play. Here is what we are doing about it:

591 South Washington is home to a number of groups serving the people of Tuolumne County:

    Sierra NonProfit--a Vision and Planning Center for our Community. We have folks on hand to listen to your vision, and train you in how to take steps to make it come alive. We provide Clifton StrenghtFinder Assessments and Coaching to help you line up your vision with your natural talents. We partner with other organizations to bring the best coaches and their material to our area.

    Tuolumne Mediates! Providing kids in elementary schools with the tools to become leaders and trained mediators, resolving conflicts among their peers and in their community.

    Tuolumne County Time Bank--Because economic development should not be limited to cash.

    Tuolumne Health and Recreation--An approach to public health through creativity and recreational play for all (they’ve got a great crowdfunding campaign going as well, check it out at http://_________)

What’s YOUR Vision? Share it with the world! Just use the form below to tell us who you are, where you live and...Your Vision. A word, a phrase, a’s all good. Share it right here and we will put it on a map that you can see. You might find others who share your vision. Then, like pennies in the fountain, put some skin in the game...contribute anywhere from $1-$10.00. We want this to be really easy.

For every gift, we will send you personal updates of the map as it grows should you so desire.

Our goal is to raise $5,000.00 for our Vision and Planning Center. You know, to help keep the doors open (we are all volunteers here). So won’t you join us?

What’s your vision?




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