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Whippoorwill Horse Rescue - Turtletown, Tennessee

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In our rural mountains of Tennessee lies a great need for horse rescue. Whether it be good people in bad situations due to our economy or abandonment & abuse cases, many of our horses are left behind and horse slaughter is alive & thriving in the US because of this. 

 If we take a look back on the history of our horses we can have a better understanding of how much we have depended on them. Through their courage we were carried into battles. Through their strength we forged our way into new lands and homesteads. And through their loyalty they carried us home at the end of each hard working day. 

 It would only take a moment of standing next to a horse to understand that  they hold the power to bring us harm but most will choose instead to stand beside us

Now more than ever, our horses need our help and I believe we owe them that. I believe in second chances.

Too many times I have seen the look of sorrow, pain and the scars left behind. I have seen the simplest of needs such as food and water go unmet, leaving a frail body and the look in his eyes that says ... I have nothing left to give.

The mission of Whippoorwill Horse rescue is to bring in those horses bound for slaughter. 
To give them that second chance to thrive with good food, quality hay, vet care, farrier care and most of all kindness. 
I hope to watch our rescue mission grow to meet the needs of those who need us. I also hope to one day see that there is no longer a need for horse rescue but, until that day I will strive to provide a safe haven. 

Rehabilitation and adoption is the answer .. Not slaughter.

Through volunteers, donations and compassion we can work together to bring back the broken and forgotten horse to the majestic creature it once had the ability to be.