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I started volunteering for an orphanage (Prasanna Jyothi) in Bangalore, this all started one day when I saw the write up in The Times of India newspaper about the orphaned children, who are all girls of tender age (infants from 6 months onwards). It shook me up when I saw the sweet little children photograph, so innocent so cute and not worried about the world, but this outside world would make a lot of difference to them when they grow up. I had to put some effort to locate the orphanage as there was no proper address or phone number, but in the end I succeeded in locating the girl’s orphanage, about 25 children are there presently.

When I looked at them I could only see my daughter’s face in them, my mind started to reel with unwanted thoughts putting my daughter in their place, wondering was I emotional looking at these children, how will they survive in this world which is full of …… It put me into such a dilemma that I started to shiver, wonder how could these little cute children are orphaned at such a tender age, they need love of parents, to be loved by their dear ones, they do not who their families, relative, cousins are, no love of parents, relative values, they do not know why? How they have come here, some bodies mistake the child is left at the orphanage, a new baby girl is born it is left outside orphanage WHY?

My volunteering work started, keeping in mind I need to help them as much as I can with what knowledge I have, from what I have learnt, I used teach these kids drawing every Saturday, help them in their studies, talk to them, play with them, tattoo painting on hands etc., when I was helping the children, my daughter used to play with the kids, she used to accompany me to the orphanage whenever I used to go. These lovable kids have great ambitions in life.

I started my fundraising through friends, relatives, neighbors and I celebrate my daughter’s birthday bash there every year; the children would have festive lunch and dinner. My elder brother funds the children at SOS village for education every year and my younger brother celebrates his son’s birthday bash at the orphanage, each one has their way of donating to the needy children.

I had stopped going to the orphanage as I was pregnant for my 2nd child, doctors had advise bed rest, I have a son who is 2 years old, even his birthday his celebrated at the orphanage, I miss a lot not seeing these children’s, they are always smiling with great welcome, I am planning to start off my volunteer work, once my son goes to the Montessori.

My second shock came to me when one of my friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer recently. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) a type of life threatening Cancer, usually seen in children (cancer of White Blood Cells), is a serious problem that will continue to affect the lives of children negatively until better treatments are available and a cure is found. I started collecting information on cancer, surprised to see there are so many children affected with this disease. When I saw kids at the kidwai hospital, I felt why god creates and gives such a bad ending to these children. The pain they go through, the tests they undergone, chemotherapy and other test related to this disease, the agony of the parents looking at their dear ones suffering from such deadly disease, made my heart pump faster

As some of you may have already heard or probably are aware of CANCER, is a serious problem that affects the lives of numerous individuals in our community and around the world. What a horrible word. When you hear that word associated with a loved one, it is devastating.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) a type of life threatening Cancer, usually seen in children [cancer of White Blood Cells], is a serious problem that will continue to affect the lives of children negatively until better treatments are available and a cure is found. I am writing to you today on behalf of The children who have cancer, who require treatment which is very expensive, the overall treatment cost will run into Rs. 5 to 6 Lakhs.

I am committed to raising funds to support children who are battling against blood-related cancers. Leukemia is the number one disease killer of children, but it strikes ten times as many adults. Unfortunately, for some children the battle with cancer doesn't end in the word "remission" or "cure", but in death.

My message regarding blood related cancers consists of some good news and some bad news.

First, the good news:
• The survival rate of acute lymphocytic leukemia, the most common form of childhood leukemia, has improved to almost 80 percent.
• Bone marrow transplantation is a promising therapy for curing leukemia, breast cancer, and sickle cell anemia.
• Chemotherapy, once a treatment only for leukemia, is now a therapy for most cancers.

Now, the bad news:
• Every 9 minutes, a child or adult dies from leukemia or related cancers.
• Leukemia is the leading disease killer of children. It strikes ten times as many adults.
• Leukemia is the leading fatal malignant disease in men and women under age 35.

I know that you are probably asked to give to numerous charities, but I am urging you to contribute to The Cancer Children this year. Your contribution can be made used by providing a child with a one month-supply of medication, or will fund the research being done to find a cure for blood-related cancers or test one-two individuals as potential bone marrow donors or expenses including fees to lab test, room rent and others.

Won't you please make a contribution to these children who really need your help to make them smile, any amount that you are able to share will help us move closer to that goal, and to a cure.

With every child whose laughter you restore, this world becomes a better and brighter place. Your donations could be the turning point in someone's life. “Every Amount You Have Donated Counts When It Saves Lives.



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