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Why You Initiative

We just don’t encourage you; we develop a plan to make you successful.

THE 'WHY YOU?" INITIATIVE [YU?] Tax ID 46-4898001


The “Why You?” Initiative, Inc., is a growing national nonprofit organization established in 2011 to eradicate barriers to students and young professionals’ success by effectively delivering longitudinal support via a fusion of technological and traditional mediums.

The organization, with its corporate headquarters in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, provides comprehensive mentoring, academic, social, emotional, and professional support and development services and programs for high school, post high school, undergraduate, graduate/professional students, and young professionals in 17 states.

We pride ourselves on inspiring and assisting high school students and young adults in our communities to attend a graduate/professional school, 4-year college, technical school and/or public service academy (i.e. police, fire or paramedic) to gain the teleological acumen and prowess necessary to contribute affirmatively to society.

[YU?] is collaboratively building a genuine national network that truly benefit our students and young professionals.