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MYTEAM TRIUMPH's Fundraiser:

Chariot for Team Wicked Strongah!




Ainsley's Angels of America and Team Hoyt Running Chairs are excited to join forces with Danielle to faciliate achieving her vision. 

Allow us to let her explain:

I haven't always been a runner. Six years ago I attended my first 5k. It was a race in Hopkinton, Massachusetts put on by Mike Timlin, the former Red Sox player, to raise awareness and funds for ALS. I was pregnant with my second child at the time, but told myself I would return the next year to run in honor of all those who can't. With two children,  three years old and the other 5 months tagging along, I ran my first race and it was amazing. I ran for 34 minutes behind a couple who had their son's picture on their shirts, they were running because he lost his battle to ALS a crippling disease. I vowed to make every race I did count someone or something.


Over the next five years, I ran as many races as I could and continued to try to become a runner.  I also had two more children (bringing my current total to four children ages 7, 5, and three year old twins). Running races for charities wasn't enough. I began fundraising for Dana Farber and ran a half marathon. Then in 2012, I saw Rick and Dick Hoyt as they lined up to run the Boston marathon. Something told me that if Dick could run 26.2 miles pushing Rick and feeding off that energy, then I could do it with my babies in my heart. The following year I ran Boston, but did not finish due to the events of the day.  I came back stronger in 2014 and more determined. I did not run the projected 3:33 I was hoping for, but something more amazing happened. On my way up heartbreak Hill, I saw Rick and Dick trailing me with Team Hoyt. I was more inspired than ever watching them climb their final hill. I met a runner in that moment and she asked if we could finish the race together. Come to find out, the girl I met on Heartbreak Hill was a former student of my husband and weeks earlier I had anonymously donated to her marathon run. We were meant to meet and become friends.


One month after the marathon we returned to Hopkinton. We ran the Team Hoyt 5k together pushing our Captain Princess Grace. That day changed me! I knew this was the next chapter in my running career. I have decided to keep my promise to myself, that my runs would always count for something. A Greater Good.


When you push a captain and hear their cries of joy, or see the smile on their face,  or know the person that chair feels alive and not disabled when they feel the wind on their face... It drives you! I ran my second Team Hoyt run on Dick's 74th birthday. My time was 24 mins.... The adrenaline from how touching it is to push was phenomenal. I want to bring joy to these athletes, I want them to make me a stronger person, I want to show my own children that no matter our appearance we are all the same on the inside and in this life together! We have to love one another and help raise each other up.


Please help me make a difference. Please donate so that I can help purchase a chair to push and bring joy to these athletes! Everyone deserves to experience the thrill of running, the endorphin high when you cross the finish line, and the camaraderie  of cheering each other on. Your donation will also help add another jogger chair to the Team Hoyt New England fleet of chairs. Thank you for helping me make this happen. My message is simple, it is never to late to start, make a difference, or take control! Live with the desire to make each day count for yourself and those around you. 


Additionally, you can learn more about Ainsley's Angels in the video to the left or visit thier website to learn about an amazing children's book all kids must have!





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