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Wideangle Film Center

Wideangle Film Center
CROWDRISE : Mar 11, 2015
Tax ID: 46-1970781
BASED: Sherman Oaks, CA, United States


Wideangle Film Center

Brick and Mortar Launch

Wide Angle Film Center needs seed funding to launch it's sustainable film center!

Staggering statistics regarding employment of women and minorities in front of and behind the camera, perfectly good lumber, lamps, and linens being tossed in dumpsters due to time constraints; diversity and lack of sustainable practices are two of the most salient issues within the media and entertainment industries. Increasing sustainability and diversity hiring practices is the mission of Wide Angle Film Center.  

Sustainability is promoted by offering a tax deduction to companies that otherwise dispose of costumes, props, and construction materials in dumpsters once a production is finished shooting.  Diversity is promoted by providing access: access to expensive equipment, access to props, and access to educational development for youth and adults alike. 

Wide Angle Film Center’s charitable objectives are broken into three different programs:  an educational center, a film equipment rental house and a sustainable property house. 

Tax ID: 46-1970781 •


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