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WILD CARE's mission is to treat injured, ill and orphaned native wildlife, for release back into the wild capable of independent survival, to prevent wildlife casualties through public education and live counseling, and to engage the community in conservation through volunteerism.



Since our founding WILD CARE has accepted over 25,000 wild creatures, representing 275 species of native birds, mammals, and reptiles. On average WILD CARE receives 800 to 1,500 wild animals per year for treatment.

Of those admitted we can document that 35% to 50% are admitted due to injuries and problems caused directly by humans. They range from pollution and habitat loss to ignorance and carelessness.

These are just a few examples of our typical patients brought to us for care:

A young male Red-Tailed Hawk covered in asphalt

A loon entangled in fishing line

Baby bunnies whose nest was destroyed by a leaf blower

Most importantly WILD CARE has positively impacted the lives of many more wildlings through our counseling, educational efforts, and outreach into the community.

WILD CARE does not charge the public for our services to wildlife and we accept wildlife regardless of a rescuer’s ability to make a donation.