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CROWDRISE : Jul 27, 2012
Tax ID: 20-4441383
BASED: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Community Building

Returning Sustainability and Prosperity to our Willard Park Neighborhood through the "Green Picket Fences" Initiatives.

We work to improve the quality of life in Willard Park (WP) in a sustainable manner while maintaining our working class heritage (and tax rates).  We have site specific programs in several catagories in which our community needs mending provided by Kay Grimm of Kids In Bloom, Inc.  "Green Picket Fences" (GPF) contains interactive, sustainable programs designed to heal the wounds of our troubled 'hood.  

Green Shepherd Project is sheep mowing weed choked vacant and abandoned properties, lot management for WP land, employment for a PTSD Veteran, heritage sheep conservancy and a naturally calming for most who see them.  

Green Streets is the creation of a local food economy to eradicate our "food desert" using the business plan provided by Basic Roots Community Foods. Stakeholders grow produce, harvest it, then sell it door to door off a cart at low end grocery pricing.

Graffitti Garden is one project within Green Art.  An outreach to the disenfranchised youth of our area by giving them a place to "tag" to their hearts' content.

Green Homesteads is our effort to bring solar passive, energy efficient homesteads (read room to grow food) into WP as in fill for all the demolished homes.

Green Play represents our acknowledgement that our children deserve safe places to play where they can still here Mom call them home.  A skater park and more basketball goals are our top priorities in this "picket".

Green Energy reflects our desires to have small scale wind farms and solar roofs so that WP has sustainable energy.

Tax ID: 20-4441383


Shepherd Housing RV

Shepherd Housing RV

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