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Will Collins

Will Collins
Sharon, MA United States
Stuff About Me:

Will, a grad student & researcher, foolishly signed up to run the Boston Marathon for which the charitable proceeds go to benefit research and clinical care through Boston's Mass Eye & Ear Hospital.

A bit of context

Will is currently a graduate student researcher and avid runner. His research focuses on tissue engineering for neuroscience applications. Given the current state of funding for the sciences and engineering he thought it best to take initiative by doing something exhausting and symbolic to support ongoing clinical care and research.

But here is the problem

Will really didn't think this through well.. or at all.. He does like running but the general policy with salaries of grad students is analogous to having a pet dog. One wants to feed them just enough so they don't starve to death but no more.. So now he needs your help to fund ongoing scientific research and clinical care with Mass Eye & Ear.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

As a representative of the tissue engineering community Will intends to further research on occular implants with the Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary. If need be Will can personally publish a manuscript on tissue engineering models for the eye. Seriously.. he can do that he's a fledgling scientist.. Just don't let him epically fail at fundraising for the marathon.

How is this a game changer you ask?!? Will is supremely stubborn and has a veritable army of undergraduates to boss around. Definitely operating on a shoestring budget but the sonovabitch will find a way to grow eyes in a bioreactor if given sufficient time and resources. They say even a monkey at a typewriter could rewrite the works of Shakespeare; this isn't all that different.

You can join us

We sincerely need everyone's help to fund this research and to provide care for individuals who cannot afford it. Many of you have followed the Boston Marathon for years and this offers you an opportunity to be apart of the running community and donate to a good cause. Can personally guarantee you this wont be boring and could even be productive for the researc community.

Here’s some amazing perks for supporting us

Supporting members will receive athletic and promotional gear from the Boston Marathon and Tufts University. Please be in touch with me and can provide any form of gear you would like in the days following the Boston Marathon.


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