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To advance education in benevolence and righteousness for all people, and to improve our quality of life!!


Founder of this foundation has spent his time on research and writing of the film screenplay HOYEN: Hoyen Parapsychology (Parapsychology, Real Story.) In honor of Dr. Hoyen's lifetime achievement in healing over 100,000 souls, and helping to solve over 5,000 criminal cases, and to further our understanding of parapsychology. 


The organization is seeking donations and grants to produce the film project HOYEN: Hoyen Parapsychology, subtitle: The New Beginning, the screenplay is available at 


Founder of this foundation has emailed out about 1,000 draft copies of this HOYEN film screenplay to actors/actresses who expressed interest in reading it. What we will learn:

Knowing that parapsychology does not contradict other branches of science, and parapsychology has no limits but science does. About seventy percent of all human illness/disease is caused by evil spirits attached to human bodies. We will be more open-minded and reasonable to observe this unknown world, and we will be much more humble in facing the infinite parapsychology and the universe. Realizing how we can transition to the spiritual world smoothly, and the diligence, faith, deeds, and karma are affecting our health and well-being.


This film will have everlasting effect in our society to advance and educate our understanding of ourselves, religions, humanities, morality, spiritual world, heaven, universe and parapsychology. It will better our lives for all residents and improve our quality of life.


The proposed process outcome is a low crime rate for all residents, a more peaceful society, and more earnest charitable activities from all residents.