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Winston-salem Industries For The Blind Inc

IFB Solutions' mission is "to provide opportunities for persons who are blind or visually impaired in need of training, employment and services. We believe that all persons who are blind or visually impaired have the right to succeed in every area of life." Our vision statement is "to be America's leader in building life-changing opportunities for people who are blind." Tax ID 56-6001467


   IFB Solutions is the largest employer of individuals who are blind in the nation with almost 500 employees with visual disabilities. At least 75% of our direct labor workforce is individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

   All funds raised on CrowdRise will be used for general operating support and applied towards our job training and workforce development opportunities. All training and all accommodations necessary for our employees to perform their jobs are covered operationally through sales revenues from federal and commercial contracts with support of grants and donations.

   Our job conversion team works tirelessly full time to develop new manufacturing opportunities for individuals who are blind. The money raised on CrowdRise will support the work of this team and special needs accommodations they will need to implement to make jobs accessibly by those who are blind.

   We also offer upward mobility opportunities for individuals with computer literacy and customer service skills. Through installing screen reading and magnification software and also offering value added training, we make administrative opportunities available to our labor pool of those who are blind within our organization and those willing to work from home or in call centers of our business clients.

   Any training for an individual who is blind or visually impaired might take from two weeks to three months, depending on the complexity of a task the individual will be performing. Between the paid training program, trainers’ time, specifically engineered accommodations for manufacturing machines, classroom instruction time, and orientation and mobility or independent living skills or assistive technology training, IFB Solutions invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in training its workforce, blind or sighted, annually.

   We also provide a wide range of services to individuals of all ages, including children, in local communities. The majority of those services are covered through philanthropic dollars.


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