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Winter Park Day Nursery, Inc. Tax ID 59-0638506


Our Mission:  Winter Park Day Nursery provides a secure, nurturing, educational environment that is affordable and supports family diversity.

Winter Park Day Nursery is an independent, not-for-profit center that provides high-quality preschool education for children regardless of their family’s income. The amount of weekly tuition parents pay is based on total household income. This provides equal access to high quality education for every child! 

The day nursery makes up the difference between what parents can afford to pay and the actual costs of educating their children through donations from individuals, foundations, corporations and fund-raising activities such as the annual Orange Blossom Jubilee 

Factors such as poverty, poor health care and single parenting can put young children at greater risk for school failure. The ‘achievement gap’ starts way before children enter Kindergarten. Children who begin school behind have a tendency to stay behind their whole academic career.

Research shows that children who receive high-quality preschool education like Winter Park Day Nursery’s will likely finish high school, attend college, pursue a career and delay parenthood.   

The question is simple: Do we fund early childhood education now, or pay a lot more later for the costly social problems that result when children are not successful in school?