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Wisconsin Horse Alliance

Wisconsin Horse Alliance
CROWDRISE : Nov 12, 2016
Tax ID: 81-0835059
BASED: Madison, WI, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: wisconsin-horse-alliance

Wisconsin Horse Alliance


Working to ensure the safety and well being of Wisconsin's horses through empowering owners, coordinating resources and educating the community.

In October of 2015, about a dozen people from around Wisconsin met for 4 hours with the hope of starting an organization that would make positive impacts for horses and owners within our state. We had a long discussion which included topics like what we’d call ourselves, what our vision would be, what our long-term goals were, and it was clear this group was going to do amazing things in the future.

The Wisconsin Horse Alliance is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization whose goal is to work together in order to make a positive impact on the horses in the state of Wisconsin. If you are a horse owner, caretaker or simply an admirer, we are sure you’ll find helpful information and tools throughout this site.    Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of Wisconsin's horses and we invite your involvement in this endeavor!

The Wisconsin Horse Alliance is made up of a diverse group of horse enthusiasts from all across the state of Wisconsin including horse lovers, horse owners, humane society officials, equine rescue managers, equine veterinarians, animal humane officers and others dedicated to the well-being of the horse within our state.  We have a nine member board of directors that is voted on annually, as well as several subcommittees including Rescues, Fundraisers, Law Enforcement, Events and Website. We are always looking for more help from people who care about our equine friends so please take a look at our website to see how you can help us.  Or contact us via email at  

Thanks to the people who donated fianacially to us directly and through our Go-fund-me account, we were able to play Santa to a rescue in need over the holiday.  Helping Hands & Healing Hooves may a call for help with hay and we were able to help them with free hay from our hay bank.  This is what we are all about, helping horses & their owners in a time of need.  We currently have a drive going for all types of horse supplies such as halters, lead ropes, supplements, etc. Check out our contact us page on our website to find out how you can help other than financially.   We are a strong, knowledgeable and most importantly a compassionate group that recognizes the importance of helping not only horses, but also the people that love and care for them. Thank you for your support!

Tax ID: 81-0835059 • wisconsin-horse-alliance


Wisconsin Horse Alliance

Wisconsin Horse Alliance

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