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Coy Martin's Fundraiser:

Coy & Hillary's Wishing Well

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EVENT DATE: Oct 24, 2015


The big day is coming up FAST on October 24th!!

After 70+ years combined of searching for the matching heart to build a life with we have finally found eachother.  Our excitement to live this journey cannot begin to be expressed properly in words.  (Though Coy does a pretty good job as you who follow our Facebook countdown have seen).

"I don't have any regrets in life. I don't care about the mistakes I've made. Even thinking about the worst memories doesn't leave me dismayed.  Regardless of the things I've done, irrespective of what I have been through, it was all worth going through because everything lead me to you." - Coy Martin 7/31/2015


We have chosen a modest wedding in a remote location that has very special meaning to us.  We realize not everyone will be able to travel there to join us. Due to our professional committments and wedding expenses we are not able to take a honeymoon at this time.  We are saving to take a celebratory family vacation to Disneyworld at a future date.

We are starting later in life, and realize that we don't have the traditional needs starting out that many younger couples do.  Combined we have all the material needs required to blend and maintain our household.  We have begun to create a list of dreams to work towards for our family's future.


In lieu of gifts we have created an opportunity for family, friends, and well wishers to share in the experience of contributing to the building of a debt free begining and establishing a strong savings to build from.  We appreciate everyone's love and support.

We will also be matching any gifts over $100 with a very special souvenir comemorating our special day!



Our Causes

Coy is working on selecting a charity so you can support Coy & Hillary's Wishing Well.

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