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CROWDRISE : Aug 28, 2015
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With Change In Mind

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Currently With Change In Mind is working hand in hand with an orphan community located in Kauma, Malawi. Adziwa is a CBO (Community Based Organization)  developed and run by the people of Malawi.  The CBO is committed to helping children whom have lost their parents at a young age.   This CBO focuses on helping rehome these children by placing them with members of their extended family.  Critical funding was lost in 2013 for this program, and With Change In Mind is committed to assist in bridging the gap to ensure this sustainable program continues.  With Change In Mind is assisting this community to become self-sustaining to ensure its longevity and independence.  With Change In Mind has committed to on going funding in order to help them develop a plan for self-sustainability.

Food Program

With Change In Mind currently feeds 50 children one nutritious meal 5 days al year round. This meal program has already started having a positive affect on the entire community. In 2013 WCIM and it's volunteers helped to create a large garden and water pump. This water source has transformed this community by supplying food at potable drinking water. The crops raised in the garden feed the kids as well as allow harvest to be sold in the market place creating an income. To assist with this program WCIM has a fulltime paid project manager that works closely together with Adziwa to insure a consistent and high quality program is delivered to the children everyday. Tovia heads up the garden planning and upkeep as well as the food program.  This allows us to have a daily presence at the project site and ensures that we are able to work closely together with Adziwa.

Community Learning Center

In 2015 our volunteers in concert with local care givers helped to build a learning center and playground that will now be a classroom for the 50 children that participate in the food program. Prior to the construction of this building these children were participating in a daily “daycare” where they were spending 7 hours each day. There was no permanent building, no learning tools and no classroom schedule. Our volunteers brought learning materials for the children and assisted in training the on site staff on how to affectively use these new learning tools. The staff and volunteers also helped to create a daily schedule for the children that will now be in place. We have been able to create a “preschool” atmosphere for these 50 children under 5. Our plan is to help prepare them for primary school and help the caregivers give these children the best start possible. The Community Learning Center is a place that these children and staff can have all to themselves and where focused learning can now take place. We are working hard to continue training the teachers and helpers in order to give them the materials and strategies needed to provide a productive learning atmosphere for the children.


Tax ID: 45-2835368 •

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With Change In Mind

With Change In Mind

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