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CROWDRISE : Mar 14, 2013
Tax ID: 27-4102858
BASED: Keyport, NJ, United States


Our Mission

WitnessHOPE is a nonprofit organization that promotes a new era of athletes excelling beyond their peak and unlocking the potential in all of their endeavors through innovative training and technologies.

Our Vision

People working together to create a new era of dynamic, healthy, and success driven athletes worldwide.


Our Purpose

The purpose of W.HOPE is to provide numerous educational and vital issue sessions, which will impact the augmentation and development of athletes at the individual, campus and professional levels worldwide. Our core values are Achievement, Leadership, Teamwork, Excellence, Attitude, Education and Service.



Our Objectives

W.HOPE has adopted three main objectives, which include:



To encourage athletes to incorporate values we teach them into every aspect of their lives.


To assist athletes in efforts to accomplish higher social, moral, economic and intellectual status.



To educate athletes in health and nutrition activities in order to promote and sustain healthy bodies.





Our slogan is “WitnessHOPE, WitnessCHANGE, WitnessNOW!!  And our Colors are light blue and white.



Our behaviors are:  We Dream, We Believe, We Collaborate, and We Achieve!


Tax ID: 27-4102858 •


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