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CROWDRISE : Jan 02, 2014
Tax ID: 45-1563523
BASED: Hermosa Beach, CA, United States


Our Mission


Dave Wodynski could walk into any room and immediately change it for the better.

He was most passionate about being of service to others. Dave was an avid sports fan throughout his entire life and, as a former college lacrosse player at University of San Diego, kickstarted the school's LAX alumni program. 

With a Masters degree from Harvard in public administration, Dave had a mind for philanthropy and service. From working for the Peace Corps in Tunisia to acting as Deputy Director of Finance for the City of Long Beach, his passion always focused on bettering the community around him. 

Dave's love for people especially extended to his family. He and his wife, Michelle, married after years of friendship. Together, they bought their first dream home and had a beautiful baby daughter, Sophia, in February 2010.  Dave and Michelle had a vision of their perfect future.

On July 24th, 2010, Dave and Michelle were having a relaxing evening with little Sophia. While giving Sophia a bath, Dave suddenly collapsed at Michelle's feet and she performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. He passed away later that night at only 40 years old.  

An autopsy showed that Dave died due to complications from an enlarged heart, a diagnosis that was unknown to Dave and his family.  In fact, Dave's doctors told him in March 2010 that he was perfectly healthy.  

Michelle, determined channel her grief into a positive cause, decided to honor Dave by helping others.  As the founder of the Enlarged Heart Foundation d/b/a The Wodynski Heart Foundation, Michelle strives to save families from the same heartbreak she has experienced and continues to endure.  

We believe that young athletes today may be better able to protect themselves from sudden death caused by a disease enlarged heart through a better understanding of their own heart health and early detection and treatment.  We want to give these athletes the information they need to properly manage their health and their athletic careers -- the decision that Dave and so many others did not get to make.

Save the athletes we love by joining The Wodynski Heart Foundation's cause today.


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