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Our mission is to provide comprehensive quality services through partnerships in the community while empowering consumers to optimal level of functioning. We are committed to excellence, fiscal responsibility, and respect for the individual

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Well of Hope Community Development Corporation is a community service organization that strives to meet the needs of those who would otherwise not be exposed to HIV risk reduction services.   The philosophy encompasses the delivery of client-centered services that empower individuals to make healthy life choices while maximizing local public health resources.   Well of Hope Community Development Corporation, Inc which is the administrator for the Well of Hope Drop-in Center and its programs is a newly formed private nonprofit organization providing HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services, Syringe Access Services, and Nurse services for Paterson's indigent population

We are committed to the concept that integrated support services are critical to the effective and efficient use of HIV prevention resources.  The populations at high-risk for HIV typically have multiple needs that require a multi-faceted integration of services in varying degrees of intensity without which long term behavior change will not be sustained. Our philosophy, therefore, will address the pre- and co-existing conditions of mental illness, substance use, rape/incest, victimization, homelessness, and the lack of basic needs that must be treated simultaneously in order to maximize prevention outcomes. We accept the challenge to design and implement HIV care/treatment and prevention services that are based on the premise that all cultures are valued and that the strategies employed are culturally relevant.  We define culture broadly to include populations and subpopulations such as IDU, sex workers, homeless, and HIV positive persons living in Paterson, NJ.  Our goal is to dedicate resources to build knowledge, awareness, skills, and action plans to address a range of learning and to appreciate and benefit from diversity.

We are also committed to developing and implementing programs that will seek to integrate a broad range of services and activities to provide clients the resources to develop an improved quality of life.  We will remain flexible to respond to the changing needs of clients and advancements in HIV prevention strategies and activities.