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Womansage, Inc.

Womansage, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Jun 16, 2017
Tax ID: 72-1556442
BASED: Irvine, CA, United States


Womansage, Inc.


The mission of WomanSage is to support and sustain women through life’s transition points. Our vision is to help women live enriched, connected, healthy lives; and to that end, educate, empower and foster mentoring relationships among women.

WomanSage offers a life preserver for women going through a mid-life event such as loss of spouse (by death or divorce), loss of job, personal health crisis, or the challenges of caregiving for a family member.

Candiates selected receive practical assiatnce from a financial advisor, a career coach, a life coach, job interview wardrobe, hair and makeup guidence, and, if needed, a caregiving consultant. 

In a period of three months, the women are provided the necessary set of tools and information to put their lives back 'on track' and moving forward.

They agree to become mentors to others by sharing what they have learned and by advocating for others to use resources available in the community.   


Tax ID: 72-1556442 •


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