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Women for Democracy from Team Basmatak Amanah Syrian women activists

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Problem Statement After six years of women's involvement in the field of humanitarian work in Syria, and the good development of their capabilities, we find that it is still far from the decision-making centers, especially in local governance institutions (local councils), and this is as a result of the community's view of the women's work and the restrictions on her moving out from her home in the targeted area, so women are victims of the society's view who consider that their role is only in managing their homes and raising their children, while we find that they have proved themselves in many areas of humanitarian, media and political work over the years of the Syrian crisis. The problem that the project seeks to solve is divided into the following points: • There is no female representation within the local councils • Lack of awareness among women of the importance of their representation in local councils and its impact on women's access to all their rights. • The absence of a database for women, their needs and qualifications, which will be a reference to the organizations and civil bodies working in these areas to provide support and services, taking into consideration the requirements of women. • Lack of women political awareness at the women in the targeted areas Based on this analysis, we conducted 25 surveys with 25 women of different ages in the three regions (Idlib 15 women - Atmeh 5 women - Ramhamdan 5 women) to find out the opinion of women in the difficulties that facing their participation in local councils, and the difficulties were: • The community view of women's work and leaving home for work • Lack of awareness among women about the importance of their role in society (one of the women said: whom we are to go and decide together with men!) • The great responsibilities of life that borne by women which caused by the continuation of the war. Despite these difficulties, most women expressed their desire to have a representative in local councils and to participate in decision-making at the local level. The Solution (Project description and how the project will solve the problem) The project plans to work on the solution in two parallel tracks: The first track is: Setting up of an organizational environment for the participation of women in local government by convincing the governorate council of Idlib to establish a central office for women in the governorate of Idlib and then to expand through sub offices in all its cities and towns reported to it. Currently, we will establish two sub offices in Ramhamdan and Atmeh. The second track is: Building of political and legal awareness among women through: • Political and legal awareness sessions with a rate of two sessions per site (three sites) each session targeting 25 women (total 150 women) • Establishing a database especially for women that will serve as a reference for all those who wish to work in these areas, preparing studies and reports that identify the priorities and the necessary needs, and prepare a special file on the economic projects managed by women and the most important social activities and their level of participation in the civil society organizations in the mentioned implementing sites Economic empowerment of women through: • Training 30 women on project management • Launching the women's leading projects competition at each of the three sites, where the winning project will be awarded 2,000 USD on each site (three prizes)



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