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CROWDRISE : Jan 19, 2016
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BASED: Chambersburg, PA, United States



Advocating for Peace

Advocating for Peace at Home through Justice and Education

For 40 years WIN has supported victims of domestic and sexual violence  in Franklin and Fulton Counties. Since our inception, WIN has grown from a small group of volunteers to an agency employing approximately 25 staff members. What was once a hotline-only service has developed into a comprehensive organization offering a full range of services to sexual assault and domestic violence victims in our community.

WIN began in 1976, established by a group of concerned citizens who had become aware of the lack of services available to victims of rape in Franklin County. They formed what was initially called the Chambersburg Area Rape Crisis Center; a volunteer hotline service.  In the organization’s first year, 6 volunteers provided crisis intervention and advocacy services to 16 victims of sexual violence.

In 1977, the agency incorporated and changed its name to Women in Need, Inc.  (WIN). That same year, a grant from CETA allowed for the creation of two salaried positions to support the hotline volunteers. This grant also enabled WIN to expand the program to serve not only victims of rape but also victims of domestic violence. The primary purpose of this new organization was to empower victims of sexual and domestic violence to understand, identify, and utilize their own strengths to regain control of their lives.  Information, education, and counseling services were provided to clients to support their journey from victim to survivor.

Today, WIN is a multi-service, private, non-profit corporations, serving over 1,500 victims per year in Franklin and Fulton Counties Services are provided free of charge to any victim of sexual violence, domestic violence, and other serious crimes involving personal injury. WIN provides a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, counseling, and preventative education. WIN also operates a legal office and acts as the project manager for the Franklin County Victim Witness Services Program.

Vision & Mission

WIN’s philosophy is one of empowerment which “helps victims to help themselves.” Our mission is “To Help, Educate, Support, and Empower Victims of Abuse.” We strongly believe that with proper information and support victims can take control of their own lives and go on to become survivors. All of the services provided by WIN operate from this philosophical base.

Our Philosophy

WIN’s philosophy of assisting victims of crime, such as sexual assault and domestic violence, is to help victims help themselves. We offer supportive listening, counseling, and education on the options available to victims. We strongly believe in the right of self-determination for all victims. We will make no decisions for the victims nor will we influence their decisions but will provide objective support for the choices victims make.

WIN assists victims by helping them to understand violence as it occurs not only in the context of their own life, but also to encourage them to explore the societal conditions and attitudes, which lead to the violence in the home, and on the streets. WIN recognizes that substance abuse may be one of any number of contributing factors in violent crimes. Therefore, we assist victims to understand the relationship between substance abuse and violence and provide education and options to victims for prevention, intervention, and treatment of substance abuse. We also encourage peer support victims for other victims through collectively sharing experiences, successes, and failures in order to break the barrier of silence and feeling of isolation.

We advocate for victims, not by speaking for them, but rather, we seek to share our knowledge of the system they are dealing with in order to enable them to act on their own behalf effectively and successfully.

We believe that in order to eliminate violence in our lives, a systematic change in the public’s attitude toward violence in the home and in the stress must occur. One of our goals is to work within our community to affect that change through public education about domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other violent crimes, and the societal attitudes and conditions which have permitted tolerance to violence in general and women in particular.


Tax ID: 25-1325029 •


Women in Need, Inc.

Women in Need, Inc.

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