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Womens Support Centers Of Milwaukee, Inc. Tax ID 26-2079235


So, the Women's Support Center saves hearts and lives, what exactly does that mean? We're a non-profit crisis pregnancy center dedicated to serving women and their children in the Milwaukee area.

Here are some statts from 2015 that will give you a better picture of what we do:

  • In 2015 we served 1,317 women. That is a 20% increase from 2014. 
  • 83 women chose life for their babies. 83 new lives in are in the world because of the work of WSC! This means 97% of women who walked into our center looking for an abortion chose life!
  • 61 Creighton Natural Family Planning Classes were given. 61 couples or women chose to learn a natural mention to help avoid or acheive pregnancy. 
  • 983 of our clients made the decision to get off birth control and stay off. 
  • 687 of our clients made a commitment to chastity. 

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