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Womens Wisdom Initiative Tax ID 46-2975827


The Women's Wisdom Initiative provides survivors of gender-based oppression an opportunity through the healing arts to heal, speak out and personally connect with her sisters, creating a global conversation of personal empowerment and collective strength that can help end violence against women.


We want every woman to have a voice at the table. We exist because trauma that is a result of violence can be healed through art, intimate connection and the sharing of personal wisdom. We know that voices that were once silenced, can rise again.


There are lots of ways to get involved with our programs. We make it easy to personally connect to sensitive issues that are hard to talk about. We make it possible to take action on problems that seem impossible.

We believe that if we can create personal connection and empathy to such an insidious problem as violence against women, more women would be treated not as victims but as survivors whose resilience can empower everyone.


WWI has developed the following initiatives: 


Traveling Postcards- A Healing Arts Workshop

Designed after the ‘old fashioned sewing circle’ where women gathered in creative circles to make something with their hands to give away to a local community member in need, we created a workshop that offers a global community an opportunity to make a card that is both a gift and a symbol of healing, dignity and equality.


Traveling Heart Bag Program

The Traveling Heart Bag program provides beautiful hospital bags for survivors of sexual assault and is a symbol of solidarity carried around the world.


Shelter to Shelter Tour

The Shelter to Shelter tour travels to shelters and safe houses across the United States for weeks at a time,  bringing the Traveling Postcards workshop to more rural and isolated communities.


Wisdom Library

Images and voices of resoiency in the face of violence.


These programs reach isolated communities, bridge cultural boundaries and allow for powerful voices to be collected, shared and honored.


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