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CROWDRISE : Dec 14, 2015
Tax ID: 46-1255460
BASED: Leander, TX, United States


Change Football for GOOD

The WFF supports and promotes football, competition, and contact sport education for girls and women. The WFF supports under-served organizations through grants and sponsorship's designed to increase the quality and quantity of participation opportunities for girls and women.

The Women's Football Foundation believes every girl and young woman has a right to participate in the sport she is interested in. We believe contact sports, specifically football, should be available to girls and women as sport options in school as well as at the recreational and professional levels. Girls should have the option to participate on girls only teams just as they have for all other non contact sports.

Currently there are no all girls tackle football teams at the middle, high school or collegiate level in the United States. Instead girls that would like to participate are required to try out for the boys teams. We feel this is unfair to girls. Girls enjoy their own teams for practically all other sport activity options, most of which do not involve physical contact or collisions. Gender specifc sports teams are separated to ensure equal access to opportunity and a fair playing field for all. However contact sport options, specifically football, are only offered as a coed option. This makes no sense when compared to the criteria used to create girls teams for all other scholastic and recreational teams.

The Women's Football Foundation will work to correct these inequalities for girls and women and work to build new and better opportunities for girls to be encouraged to follow their dreams, empowered to contribute to the world around them and excel in all they do!

Tax ID: 46-1255460 •


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