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CROWDRISE : May 26, 2012
Tax ID: 32-0082340
BASED: Chicago, IL, United States



Fighting poverty by educating girls in rural Senegal and Kenya.

WGEP fights to increase girls’ access to primary and secondary education in rural areas of Africa and to develop training programs that empower girls to build better lives. We aim to develop community awareness programs that create the public will necessary to support girls in their efforts. 

WGEP works in two countries in Africa: Senegal and Kenya, to help more girls (ages 6-18) gain access to formal education and to address the complex factors that contribute to girls’ attrition, providing them with the resources and support to persist, thrive, and complete primary and secondary school. Through our flagship program, Sisters to School, WGEP is changing lives for some of Senegal and Kenya’s most underserved and forgotten girls and communities, by targeting girls who otherwise would fall through the cracks.

WGEP partners with local grassroots initiatives to eliminate the barriers to girls attending school, and to provide scholarships for girls to stay in school. In Kenya, partnering with Ntanira Na Mugambo Tharaka Women’s Welfare Project (TWWP), WGEP helps to educate the community on the harms of female genital mutilation, and to curtail its practice. Through this partnership we help families keep girls in school, avoid premature adulthood and the pressure to marry early brought on by FGM, and remove the disincentive for staying in school, thereby preserving childhood and the right to an education.

To date, over 2,300 scholarships have been granted, over 1,100 girls in Kenya have said NO! to FGM and over 8,000 people in 65 villages in rural Senegal and Kenya have been impacted by our community awareness and training activities. WGEP's girl scholars have maintained a 90% retention rate for the past 4 years, and more girls are in school and remain in school in regions where we wok (41%). 1/3 of the girls in our program are in the top 10% of their classes, and a notable change in attitude has emerged among community members who work in favor of girls education. 

WGEP is helping to make incredible strides in empowering young women in the communities we work in, and has potential to continue to grow and to change even more lives.

Tax ID: 32-0082340 •


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