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Women Survivors Alliance

Our Mission is to establish a network where women affected by cancer can find their voice, improve their quality of life, and embrace their new normal. Tax ID 45-4592126


If cancer was cured tomorrow, 1.5 million women would be spared a diagnosis this year alone. But the 8 million women survivors in America will continue to face issues they never expected once their treatment ended. These long-term and life limiting effects of the illness and its treatments include physical, psychosocial, legal and financial issues. And the big one – fear of reoccurrence. Learning to navigate the muddy waters of their new normal is the only way survivors can return to being contributing members of their families and society as a whole. Survivorship, and the recognition of the many challenges survivors face following treatment, is the cutting-edge theme in the world of cancer.

This 501(c)3 organization created BY women survivors FOR women survivors of ALL cancers provides Three Ribbons of Support:

SURVIVORville ( an annual event bringing together women survivors of all ages, all stages and all cancers for education, motivation and life application.

NOU Magazine ( an online magazine and comprehensive resource with articles on nutrition, exercise, finances, sexuality, health, a book club, a directory of cancer and survivorship organizations across the internet, and more.

My 2nd Act: Giving Survivorship a Voice ( We encourage women to tell their stories – either written or read before an audience – of how they’re using their gifts of time and experience to give back to society for the greater good.