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Organized by: JJ Wood

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James Wood, a 67 year-old small business man, his wife, and infant daughter have had their lives virtually destroyed in what's been called 'one of the worst violation of property rights' in the history of the United States.

The FTC is a powerful government agency with unlimited resources. On September 23, 2012 in an overreaching prosecutorial tactic, The FTC without warning, without ever discussing their concerns, without ever even contacting Mr. Wood - stormed his 30 year-old business he built from scratch in 1982. They quickly shut it down and seized all the business assets and personal property of Mr. Wood and his wife and their 3 year old daughter. Every penny Mr. Wood had saved and earned since 1982 was seized or frozen. The FTC did not even leave funds for basic living expenses. They essentially tried to leave him, his wife, and child destitute. While a trial is pending, no funds are available to make a fair defense.

There is an abundance of evidence and countless witnesses to refute the false allegations that the FTC makes regarding Mr. Wood and his business. There are strong legal reasons and precedent that will show the FTC's claims are bogus and unfounded. Nonetheless, the case is complex, and basically based on allegations about how an independent 3rd party in Florida may have sold some of the products associated with Mr. Wood's business. That 3rd party rep has since settled with the FTC and so now the case has been transferred from Florida to Texas, where Mr. Wood resides and his business was headquartered. The FTC doesn't want a fair trial. They want to tie Mr Wood's hand behind his back and push him in the water and call it a fair race. The history of the FTC cases show's this is their tactic: very few FTC cases make it to trial as the FTC strong-arms defendants into settling and losing almost everything. And this is exactly what the FTC is hoping Mr. Wood and and his family will do. Using their Goliath-like power they want crush and stomp an innocent family.

But it's not just his immediate family that has been attacked. His adult sons were also unjustly targeted - both of whom had little children who have been directly affected and even put at risk of not being able to obtain proper food, nutrition, and health care.

The bullying doesn't stop there, they have also attacked his ex-wife of over 10 years, the 61 year mother of his adult children who, although in poor health, takes care of her 93 year old mother full time.

It keeps going. His wife, children, and ex and all their dependents aren't enough to pummel. His brother Gary, who wasn't part of the business in question for two years, and was a mere employee among some 20 or so other employees, was also targeted.

That's correct. The biggest fact that stands out in this case is that the only named defendants are family members. Out of 30 employees, and many independent corporate board members, the only ones that were named as a defendant are related to Mr. Wood.

This is not the forum to speculate on why only Mr. Wood and his family are being targeted. Many of his family members had little or no connection to the business unit in question. But history has shown in many cases of prosecutrioal overreach, that by including family members as secondary defendants, it puts further pressure on the primary innocent defendant to cave.

How could it not? It's one thing to be bullied by a powerful giant one-on-one. But when that powerful bully goes after your family, your children, and even hurts the livelihood and health of infants and a 93 year old infirm grandmother...the pressure can make people cave, even when completely innocent like Mr. Wood.

Still, a trial is pending. Some initial donations have been given to help Mr. Wood and his family hire an attorney. However, it was barely enough to get started. And without funds to mount a defense against this Well-funded government agency with multiple attorneys trying to keep the playing field one-sided, it will be extremely difficult for Mr. Wood and his family to present a fair defense.

Anybody that knows Mr. Wood knows he has a reputation for being very generous. He has been a staple in his community for many decades. He created many jobs over many years, and most importantly built a business that benefited hundreds of thousands of families. He simply wants to have a real chance to give a fair defense. To do that, defense funds are desperately needed.


Organized by

JJ Wood

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