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Helping people belong to Christ, grow in Christ, and reach the world for Christ.

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The Woodside Vision Foundation was established in 2012. It's mission is simple: to fund the vision of Woodside Bible Church through training, education, and community development. The Foundation gives every member and friend of Woodside an opportunity to have a personal stake in the things we are doing in our region and abroad by giving above the tithe.


Our Vision Breakdown


Campusing- Campuses are groups of Christ followers who gather to worship Jesus, study God's word, and live on mission to reach people in their communities. We have 12 campuses in Metro Detroit, and have started 100 around the world through our global partnerships


Leadership Development- The future of the church is at risk of being a by-product of a post-Christian culture. The church needs strong leaders who are theologically grounded and are able to stand their ground with absolute truth in a culture that is becoming more and more hostile towards Christians.


Evangelism- Our current focus is reaching Millennials, the world's largest generation. They believe there is a God, but don't see the church as relevant. We'll develop strategies to help us meet them where they are, and invite them to join us in reaching the world for Jesus.


Global Partnerships- We partner with national leaders who are strategic and immersed in their cultures. Their relationships enable them to effectivle reach local people groups with the Gospel.


Dream Centers- Our vision is that we find a need and fill it, and find a hurt and heal it. It's our prayer to see communities transformed in Southeast Michigan, one person at a time, by providing resources and opportunties that help people realize their dream of living a self-sufficent life.